Founded by award winning fitness professional Helen Tite in 2004, The Core Health Consultancy is one of the most respected pioneering fitness and well-being companies in the UK.

When you talk to her, you feel the passion and vibrancy ooze from her.  Helen cares and it is obvious. She is a story teller and is not afraid to speak out about her cause. For over 15 years Helen has bridged the gap between health, wellness and fitness working within specialist populations and reaching into communities who historically can be overlooked when it comes to movement and exercise and stress.

Based on her own vast and often life changing, life experiences she has combines common sense with science and created 'The Slight Edge Philosophy" Multi business owner, Helen took the leap of faith of taking her vision of holistic health into corporates, businesses and charities and has become a business mentor in the sector. Her passion drives her and that is why she stands out.

Helen has many firsts to her accolade but most noticeably is the determination to make a difference "Everyone deserves to move" is her mantra. Her ability to see the best out of situations and improve someones quality of life has caused an evolution of FitPros and CarePros to step into the field of health and make a difference.

It is always passion that drives her.   The entrepreneur is relentless on message and won't give up on her message to get any body moving.  Helen has specialised as an Exercise Therapists and still continues to follow her love of exercise to music classes.

If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence you can change lives.
— Rob Brown 2013


iCareiMove® is very proud to announce that Helen Tite has been short-listed in two categories for the 2018 Awards and today, 1 March, we are very pleased to announce that she is one of the three finalists for Influential Woman of the Year!

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Referred to as the Working Women’s Oscars, the Venus Awards were formed in 2009 to recognise, reward and celebrate local working women in business. The Venus Awards began in Dorset and has since exploded into other regions across the country. Culminating with an annual National Final that truly represents the inspirational women who balance and juggle their lives relentlessly and unconditionally, who inject their communities with a sense of feminine robustness and solidity only a woman can provide.

Alexis Bowater of Bowater Communications who is the Regional Partner for the Venus Awards in Devon & Cornwall said: “I am really excited to be Regional Partner for the Devon & Cornwall Venus Awards and taking them into Cornwall for the first time. This will give us an opportunity to celebrate women in business on the west of the Tamar too and to meet some astonishing and exciting businesses and inspirational businesswomen. The Venus Awards has been extremely successful here in Devon and I’m working hard to make it bigger and better than ever before this year.

“The awards have had six extremely successful years already in the west country. This means that we have a really strong reputation and sponsors are now coming forward wanting to be involved, putting them in touch with many more businesses than I could ever have had imagined.



A great speaker will always set an upbeat, productive tone for your entire event. They can bring real change to your company or delegates' mindset and they should always make the audience glad that they took the time to attend.  Whether you need a motivational speaker for a large conference or a lunch time session on Mindfulness, the Core Health Consultancy can help. With many years of experience Helen and her team can tailor your request to your exact requirements, making sure all your delegates and guests are educated and entertained.

Sessions can typically run between 45 - 90 minutes but Helen can also offer half or full day workshops which may incorporate more interaction, some team building and cover the topic in greater depth, to further enhance learning.

Helen will customise your session to suit the needs of your demographic and the challenges of your group.

Audiences will understand how to achieve health along with productivity and that achieving good health with maximum energy can be simple.  Exercise, nutrition and eating habits can have a profound impact on your overall health, wellness and personal stress, which in turn affects workplace productivity, safety, confidence, creativity, staff engagement and retention.

Helen Tite

What is Helen best known for?

  • Her energy and ability to simplify the science and make it relative to you and your audience
  • Her authentic ability to connect with a wide range of people with a diverse level of knowledge around health and wellness
  • Her refreshingly unique approach to the perception that you needn’t be perfect to achieve good health (Fruit 'n' nut is her guilty pleasure as well as a glass of something fizzy!)
  • Life and business today has high-stress levels and is fast moving, so we all need to be in good health to keep up with the pace.
  • Businesses that need to improve their staff retention, decrease sickness levels and improve staff engagement
  • Health care providers that help others day to day - we need to care for the carers and aid their personal development
  • Corporations that value their employees and want to increase productivity by taking care of their health and wellness
  • Food and restaurant providers that could benefit from nutritional education as well as the trends and needs of health conscious consumers.
  • Women’s events that require a female motivational speaker that can provide a mix of both entertainment and empowerment
  • Health events where a different, fresh and fun perspective on health and wellness would be a natural fit.
  • To balance a technical or specifically academic event with a breakout session on productivity, work-life balance, personal development or health and wellness
  • All sales teams could benefit from better health, energy and weight management which will in turn help improve personal confidence, resilience and energy levels
  • Employers, Business Leaders and entrepreneurs that have achieved significant business success but want to have the health and vitality they need to enjoy their personal time.

Contact Helen for a bespoke service and an informal chat at health@thecore.uk.net or call 07590 927305

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