Gynaecology My Vjayjay - chapter 2

We ladies are all in this together and to be honest, the days of men not knowing about female health is so last century. As we are living longer and living with chronic health, with an increasing worried well population, surely we should be taking back control of ALL of our bodies? Even the ickey bits. We are educating on puberty but we are not talking about Puberty's bitch of a big sister., Menopause.*

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Helen Tite Comments
So we used a rope to pull him up... he's 87

The scene: They are in the garden and he fell between the greenhouse and and steps. It wasn't the text book fall (they never are), of course he landed in the most awkward place possible. He was on his back, he is a weak man and very immobile. She was worried that he kept banging his head backwards every time he tried to rock and roll to a sit. So she uses a compost bag under the back of his head to use as a pillow.

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