Transverse Myelitis - Anyone can move

I have a good knowledge and a huge amount of experience with Neurological conditions. Having underpinning knowledge is essential, however experience and listening to clients needs is essential. Today we began whole body vibration training. I am delighted with her results. Our goal is to improve balance and gait. I run a program for NHS Kernow called ReNew - this allows me to train a group of patients with neurological conditions in a group setting with the view to improve quality of life. 

Transverse Myelitis is a rare neurological condition involving inflammation of the spinal cord. Often linked with an auto-immune disease. There are a wide variety of symptoms involving sensory, motor and autonomic dysfunction. Often aligned with MS.
Symptoms can include abnormal sensations (such as tingling, numbness, banding), pain radiating from the spine, weakness in arms and or legs, bowel and bladder dysfunction, fatigue, fever and partial or total paralysis. 

My client is making small/subtle improvements which will hopefully carry forward in her personal maintenance. My role is to help build her confidence using repetitive movements and support. It is never about breaking someone (often the fear about the personal trainer), sometimes little nurture, kindness and coaxing is enough to help someone shift to another level. Love my job, adore my clients. 

Anyone can move