Balance the Monster

I wish I was a morning girl. The type of creature who springs out of bed in joy, birds organise her hair and she sings beautifully as nature unfolds around her.

I'm not a bed monster either, it is an extremely rare day that I could possibly stay in bed beyond 9oc. 

This was noted this morning as I was driving my husband to the station before sunrise. I wasn't grumpy, simply conserving energy or warming up my tyres, I'll be full speed by 9am. He then declared that the opposite to bright and early is the Night Owl!  Hmmmm, I'm not that either. God forbid that I stay up beyond 11pm! 

I have always argued that I have an extremely physical job and I simply can not burn the candle at both ends. I have been known to disappear from parties and have even fallen asleep in front of guests who I have invited for dinner! 

I also recognise in myself that what I eat and how I train reflects on my productivity as well as my mood.

The phrase Hangry has begun trending in our office. It is quite funny to observe, however Hangry could be disastrous when dealing with customers. This is the all consuming snappy, grumpy monster (a bit like the morning monster) who needs feeding or will kill you for food. It's a kind of "feed me now or I am going to die" type of feeling. 

Then physically when I start to get that dull ache from not exercising and my mood level isn't as vibrant as it normally is, this tells me I have played with my body clock and upset my groove. 

"His groove, the rhythm in which he

lives his life, his pattern of behavior" Disney

We love Disney and the moral messages. Losing your groove, can throw off your balance in life. 

Check your nourishment, the chemicals you put in AND on your body can seriously affect your health, that includes your diet.

Check the physical stress that you place on your body, too much exercise can also be damaging, ensuring that you have the right balance of physical load on your body gives you the strength to manage your emotional side.

Never underestimate how your emotions can have an impact on your health. Appreciate time out to breathe and focus, I always recommend daily mindfulness or meditation to reboot and rebalance your mind. 

Then watch your productivity soar. Have a great day. x