Guest Blogger - Pat Taylor

Today was our rehab day when we teach courses to those who are at risk of falls, need help with balance and stability, and a group with long term, neurological conditions, for instance, stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, brain or spine injury and diabetic related problems.

I love Wednesdays in particular, as our clients are just so positive, despite all the difficulties that they face on a day to day basis and they are so grateful for our help. We work them hard but there is also a lot of laughter !

One of my gentlemen is in his 90’s and makes me smile without fail !

A couple of months ago, I offered him my arm to help him to walk down a slope safely. As he linked me, he commented that it was like we were walking down the aisle and suggested that we should get married there and then ! He made my day and I relayed this to anyone that would listen ! (including my husband and children)

Today, the lady next to him who I might add, is in her 80’s, has the most amazing smile and dissolves into fits of giggles at any given opportunity, thought that she might try to help him and offered him a hand when they were both about to move around their chairs to sit down. I was close by, ready to help if needed.

Well he took her hand and just wouldn’t let go ! Then he said those words again, but not to me ! “Maybe we should get married” ! Heartbroken ! I swallowed my pride and helped him to sit down, we laughed about it, and I made him a cup of coffee, just how he likes it .

Some may see an old man, frail and doddery, unable to understand what you are saying, who gets in your way when you are in a rush, has nothing much to say, or won’t understand.

We see a man who is a Father and Grandad, a proud soldier, who is still tall, but shorter than he once was, handsome but with a few wrinkles around the edges, very deaf but understands if you take that extra moment of time, an amazing sense of humour, a smile to die for and a twinkle in his eye that tells of the person he still is inside, but just hasn’t got the strength or energy to show it physically.

How I love my job !

Written by Guest Blogger Pat Taylor