"Please help me stand"

Written by Pat Taylor.

Today in particular, I feel blessed. I have a lot to be thankful for. I work hard and play hard, I love my family and friends and hope that it is reciprocated. (better be )

I have a nice house, a car, food on the table and a comfy bed to sleep in, no more than I deserve, I think. No more than anyone deserves!

I am pretty healthy, a few minor problems, but generally ok.


Unfortunately this is not so, for so many of the amazing clients that I meet on a regular basis. We put them through their paces, trying to strengthen their weakening muscles, their crumbling joints, trying to deal with the effects of their long term conditions, their loss of independence. We try desperately to understand them as they try to explain how we can help them.

“Please help me to stand! “ Determination and positivity shone through this afternoon from one of my clients who can barely walk, just about hold her own body weight and walks with the assistance of her devoted partner.

Of course I would help her to stand. I took a weakened arm, supported and explained to my client, only a few years older than me, what we were about to do, and I helped her to stand safely. I then helped her, taught her, how to sit down correctly and repeated the process. Twice was enough for her today, she was tired.

So today on the way home I cried, in the car, where no-one could see, wishing that I could do more, that there was a cure, but there isn’t, for so many conditions.

I am privileged to be able to help these people in just a small way. I may be able to help them to become stronger, safer, to maintain and manage their conditions or, on the other hand, I may not have any effect on the deterioration of their condition, but I can help them to be the best that they can be, for now.

For those that we can’t offer so much help to, at least we can support them, keep them moving, to be sociable, make them smile, have a healthy spirit and allow them to keep their dignity.

So I am grateful, for my health, and of those that I love. I am grateful for the skills that I have, so that I can help in a small way.

“Yes, I can help you to stand today”