Who Am I?

That moment at the age of 29 where I couldn’t lift my body weight off the floor. I was frightened, a mother of two living overseas. Something had to change.  I saw myself in the future...in fact, I didn’t see myself in the future, I understood at that moment I had to change or die.  Dramatic? Maybe?

Today I am nourished, I am curvy, I am happy, I am mindful and I understand the importance of finding my health.

Weight loss alone was not sufficient on my journey.  The road of wellness is full of mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, fun, knowledge and fulfillment.

Today I am a different person. I discovered something amazing on that journey and feel this is my calling in life. You see, so many of us don’t know where to begin with our own wellness. We have buried our own Goddess deep within and become confined by our own self-limiting beliefs.  There is too much information out there, much of it out of date or simply too complicated for our hectic lifestyles.

I have been inspired to learn and share knowledge leading to dramatic health and fitness changes in many lives. My thirst for knowledge grew as I could see how I could blur the lines between health and fitness. I could see at a deeper level the connections the networks aligning beautiful people together.

Opportunities presented themselves to me and I broke rules as my work was breaking new territories, there was always a solution to help clients get moving, overcome fear and find new ways to improve their health.  I found myself teaching around the country on the national fitness platform, in Europe and in recent years Africa.

Wellness has no boundaries. Anyone can move, any age, any capability, shape or size.  With the right guidance and nurture it is amazing what the human body can do. I know. I did it myself and with my own experience I have hundreds or testimonials of how the Tite Touch worked!

On my journey I have understood more about the mind, and relationships, as the physical side is only one component of wellbeing. I have learnt forgiveness and remorse. I have felt unimaginable pain and equally love that can’t be placed into words. Finding balance in everything you do is essential. So many of us are too stressed. As you learn more about your food, your sleep, goals and wellness you begin to make better choices and understand that life isn’t always about being thin. 

Life is good and needs living well. Live each moment as it’s your last breath and savour the surroundings. Amplify the light and colour around us and let it soothe and quiet the mind. Find love again and allow time to heal the troubled soul.

I have realized that my journey is more of a reckless adventure and I plan to share some of wellness stories with you.  We shall explore together highs and lows of wellness and being fabulous. We can take small steps to create a huge change.

I look forward to you being my companion in 2016. Time to wake up your Goddess!





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