Goddess! Who is She?

Her body is not ruined by her stretchmark’s, she goddamm earnt those stripes. She is the inquisitive creature who is questioning how she is feeling.  Her body is changing, not quite in teenage years but young enough to appreciate her body.  She wants more knowledge about her health because she can’t take it for granted anymore. 

Her recovery takes a little longer after a night out yet she still cracks on and runs her home.  She is not a priority, everyone comes before her, and she gets tired, sometimes grumpy and will always be there for others.

She is woman. No longer a teen and may be sprouting the odd grey hair but not a grandmother.

This Phase of women is Goddess.  

Her time is precious and limited; she needs just a little time to recharge her batteries. Her happiness is essential to family happiness and wellbeing. The ability to switch off, recharge and re-energise is essential to her health and that of the family.

Have you seen the advert #thisgirlcan? It empowers women and demonstrates that it is ok to be slightly wobbly, or really sweaty, as girls, leap, twist, dance, swim their way through a funky advert to the tunes of Missy Elliot “Get Your Freak on”.  This empowers women to lose their inhibitions and be fabulous, to stop worrying and to start enjoying themselves for who they are.  This powerful message demonstrates the shift in advertising and ease off the pressure to deliver high and compete on our shapes and sizes. It takes all colours to make a rainbow. The female revolution continues. Our role models are businesswomen and strong characters who stand up for change and have a strong voice.  The Goddess has choices; she is strong and has a thirst for knowledge.

 Top Tips for The Goddess


·      Do something nice for yourself

·      Your body will be around a lot longer than your expensive handbag (but a bag is always delightful)

·      Refuse just to be average

·      Be your own judge – things are not always what they seem from the eyes of others

·      Surround yourself with positive people

·      Your body, Your rules – don’t let society ruin this time for you

·      Appreciate all that your body can do

·      Laugh

·      Turn off the noise from the voices that stop us being negative about ourselves

·      True Beauty is within

·      Have fun

·      Work hard, play hard and give something back

·      Be Fabulous

·      Empower your best years

The Goddess Phase starts around 30’s at a time when they are talking about female health and noticing changes in their bodies, paying attention to fads, trends, and diets.  They also recognize that they simply can’t get away with the things used to or their methods are having a negative effect. Goddesses are just women trying to change from within, evolve and improve their health.

Your experts in fitness and wellness at The Core seek to create empathetic and effective programming for the Goddess. We understand Goddess health, oh the joy of the hormone rollercoaster. Oh we love The Hormone Dance and we can help the Goddess groove her way through, balanced, focused and happy.  We can address female health concerns, pelvic floor and back pain, bone health, libido, movement and mindfulness. After all The Core is run by a Goddess. We are not a mainstream gym and fitness facility, we understand our clients and are travelling the same journey.

Let’s celebrate The Goddess as she moves around us. Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. 

Helen TiteComment