Fat Cow!

“Really? That fat cow is going to teach ME aerobics? She looks like she can’t lift a tin of beans”

I was a cover instructor working in a Health Club, which wasn’t familiar to me. They were women who did not know me or know of my story and yet they judged me and thought that was fine. Obviously I made the participants “feel the burn ;)” I then went home and sobbed. 

In the era of political correctness I still find it shocking how people behave towards shape and size.

My mentors, when I began my career once told me to wear shorts and wife beater vests as I had good arms and legs and it distracted from the bits in the middle! My Mum also said something similar but it was shoes and great earrings…that’s another story.

How is it that in 2014 we can be cruel about shape and fitness abilities? Who are we to judge someone physically when we haven’t walked in those persons’ shoes for a day?

More recently on Facebook I observed “chatter” from a group moaning about how FitPros talk constantly about food, damage limitation and exercise over the festive period. The chat became personal and started discussing the shape and size of the person sending out this material. That Fitpro sending out the material was probably me; if it wasn’t many people saw the “chatter” and put two and two together. That’s by the by. The point is low grade bullying and remarks about body shape is still the stuff that puts people off joining gyms, classes, diet clubs.

I am not looking for sympathy; the harsh reality is that I do struggle with my weight, especially after a year of operations, stress and poor health. I am not teaching as frequently, but I am still active, moving, loving life and on a journey.
More importantly I am a role model and a mentor and have changed lives for many clients over the years. My ways don’t work for everyone; equally waving a wand doesn’t fix the past either!

Never judge. My team follows my philosophies that everyone is welcome, everyone is on their own journey. No one is made to feel sad, ashamed or embarrassed, as surely that’s hurtful? 

So I thank those who “liked” and participated in comments on social media as it makes me think about the kind of person I want to be and how I can improve myself. It also made me start my fitness again this week, pain free, injury free and guilt free. 

Taking the first step to change is tough and putting your-self in the hands of someone who has been there helps.

Helen TiteComment