This time last year I wrote an article about damage limitation and added tips over the Christmas period to avoid the rapid weight gain, as we all love to enjoy fine dining and great festive food. Sadly I got slated for it! Some kindly soul began a campaign, which was targeted towards me.  What was said was hurtful and from a stranger who had opinions on me, my shape and told me to drop the evangelical preaching over Christmas – people just want to relax, and not have diets rammed down their throats. #fatcow

So I thank that person as this year I am going to advise REST! Repose (The art of resting or the state of being at rest, freedom from worry; peace of mind. A place of calm from a stressful world. #stressless)

You see, I am worried, I really care about my town that I love, I am seeing too many stressed people.  Seriously emotionally stressed people and it is frightening when you know the statistics.  The reality is people tend to gain weight during December and take in more salt, drink too much alcohol and ditch their exercise routines,  which puts additional stress on hearts. STRESS makes you fat! Stress is connected to heart disease.

So it’s not that I am evangelical, I feel responsible for sharing some knowledge that can lead to health and avoid UN-health.

2015 will be the Year of Repose for me and The Core.  My mission is to help people manage stress and thrive. I am teaching strategies and courses to reduce stress in lives. The body lacks the ability to understand where stress comes from, whether financial, physical or mental stress the body can manifest in disease (dis ease) or injury. My philosophy Repose allows wellness, and mindfulness to Restore good health. Repose is breathing well, relaxing and compartmentalising stressors. Turn off the noise, tune in to your Repose.


1              Start the day with a plan – write it down

2              Get a notebook and use it for thinking

3              Plan time to be still in your day and reflect

4              Turn off the Book of face, social media for a while

5              Set boundaries and create rules to help you think

6              Avoid giving instant attention – when not prepared it can be exhausting

7              Have a cwtch, cuddle, hug and breathe

8              Go for a quick walk to clear the mind

9              Schedule time for unexpected interruptions

10          Laugh

11          SAY NO! Avoid over committing it makes you stressed!

12          Maintain your training habits  

I understand what a challenge relaxing and de-stressing is, I want you to switch off and have fun. I run a series of turkey burner classes and silly quick exercise challenges in December. I run pop-up classes, Nordic walking and family competitions. SO keep an eye out for our fun stuff. Liberate yourself from Christmas Stress this year.

December brings us craziness and anxiety, but it also brings us together with love.  We have a time with the people that we care about and get to laugh and enjoy.  Remember to take in your surroundings, relax during this time and have fun. Pace yourself and make everyday the best day ever.












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