Spring fever has truly kicked in. It has been non-stop.  Following up enquiries from new customers and clients, having meetings, consultations, catching up with my team, planning ahead, teaching classes, refreshing choreography… Do you get the picture?  As my Dear Zambian friends say “HECTIC”.

So, last night I decided to change something in my ritual and STOP.  I wanted to reflect on the past week and enjoy the experiences of the new energy I am feeling within and with the beautiful people in my life right now.

I don’t want to feel the blur but enjoy the rush.  So I stepped off last night and here I am today, refreshed, exhilarated and content.

My girls were briefed that I was going to “lie-in” and naturally wake up and then have some calm.

I woke at 8, stretched and ate a lovely clean breakfast, I meditated, reflected then enjoyed the quiet of my home. I cleaned my kitchen and as the process of the last few hours happened, I felt my good energy returning and my wellbeing re-boot.  I was completely in the moment. I am mindful.

I used to say "January is a HECTIC time" but every day and season is hectic, spring cleaning and de-cluttering happens, a time of change occurs naturally and we see that as the gym becomes busier and the rush for fitness is everywhere. 

I am responsible to look after my health, my fitness and wellness in order to raise my beautiful family, enjoy my husband and home, run my companies and engage with my amazing team.  If I fill my space with chaos then I lose the capacity to focus and stay energized which is vital to my future.  My health is vital and losing that through injury or illness is detrimental to my work.  I take Juice Plus+ and eat well but I am training for my health too.

So I ask you with your resolutions and renewed vigour to stop and “smell the roses” and enjoy your life. 

Be Mindful and be in the moment. Avoid the blur and be Kind To Yourself. 

Helen TiteComment