Simon's Story

Simon lost his leg when he was out cycling. He was hit by a car.  We decided to evidence Simon's journey. He also has Type 1 Diabetes. we detail his sessions and record the change. 

A tall man, although you wouldn't appreciate it as he is in a wheelchair. I have seen him in the pub a few times and always surrounded by lots of friends. We arranged to meet and simply chat. First connections when you meet a potential new client are important. I want him to trust me and my experience in order to help him meet his goals and targets.

The Brief

I'm fat - I want to lose weight and build my confidence as my physio told me I have no core stability and need that to be able to use crutches...

Trainer perspective:- Heart health - Simon has sat in his wheelchair for 5 years, albeit he pushes his chair, he needs to focus on cardio. At 47 he already has some neuropathy from T1 and needs to boost circulation due to the impact of Diabetes on his vascular system. Bone health - limited resistance training so therefore need to develop strength around pelvis. Poor posture from his chair - externally rotated left hip. Imbalance in spine with slight lateral curvature - may improve when standing commences. Diet - will address his nutrition once confidence is built and relationship develops, as a T1, he has a good understanding of eating for health but not for fat loss. One thing at a time. Motivation Health - He is ready for change. He has good support from his wife and his colleagues. My feelings are:- get him going and who knows how we can inspire him!




Watch this space