30 Things you didn't know about Helen Tite

1              I was adopted by my Step Dad at 11 as my Mum was critically ill and if she had died we would have gone back to live with the man who abandoned my brothers and me when I was 3. I have no idea about that side of my family.

2              I hate spiders! That’s no secret but I hate most critters – oh I also hate heights (funny story about Victoria Falls and tomb-stoning through the waterfall).

3              I have had jobs and worked since I was 12 – I love working – worst job cleaning toilets in a pub to get me through university – best job? I have it!

4              No-one can touch my belly button – it freaks me out! 

5              I cry at everything – I am emotional!

6              My Dad (Step Dad) had a massive stroke when I was 19, is paralyzed, and my Mum is his full-time Carer. My parents have set the bench mark for how I feel about the NHS, carers, cancer care and surviving trauma.

7              No-one touches the Christmas Tree – That’s my job! 

8              My eldest daughter had Meconium Aspiration Syndrome at birth and had her last rights read but miraculously survived and is wonderful. 

9              I believe in Angels - hence my weird reaction around feathers. 

10          22 stone was my top weight and dress size 24.

11          I work hard for my business and realise that people want to either KISS ME, KILL ME OR WANT TO BE ME.

12          I was always told that “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” – BUT THEY DO! I hate bullies and there are lots of them in business (that's another blog).

13          I love Terry’s Chocolate Oranges AND I never share!

14          My second daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. That sucks – I wish I could have a transplant and let her not prick herself many times a day. No one wants to watch your child suffer. Please let it be me! On that note, it's not because of her diet and it's not contagious!

15          I don’t do scary movies but love criminal shows (which I still watch through my fingers). When I say scary, I mean viewing over 15 certification bothers me.

16          I have a weakness for Coach Handbags. Curvy girls often have great accessories, I'm not so curvy now but keep up appearances!

17          I hate buying bras and jeans - awkward size and I dream of having stylist who would do that for me! Jeans for girls who lift are a rare find.

18          Confused why people eat the ends on tomatoes! Ordering a salad and seeing the end is just cheap and horrid.

19          Addicted to coffee – I love the culture that goes with coffee drinking.

20          I could always do with a cwtch. But hold on and have meaning when you hold someone.

21          Family means more to me than anything.

Family first is one of my mantras.

22         Extreme weather fascinates me. I could be a  storm chaser.

23          I wish that people would invite me out for coffee, cinema, chat etc and stop assuming I am too busy. So many people know so much about me, yet I rarely get or have the opportunity to find new friends. 

24          I am really quite shy and my close friends really know the real me and will protect me because they love me. I am often expected to be the party girl but I actually am more of a people watcher.

25     I was on Surprise Surprise.

26     I am dyslexic - you most probably knew that if you follow me on social media.

27     Owning a business has made me cry an ocean but then lead me to writing a book. Yes be scared, grammatical hell is about to be unleashed, not to mention secrets. 

28     Showing signs of weakness was never an option. It turns out, that showing you are hurting has opened new doors in my life and closed doors on tremendous sadness. 

29     I believe in Karma, but I also believe that we can forgive people, forgetting is the challenge. Try to find peace with yourself and reflect.

30     This story is about a girl who found fitness and the story is becoming a book about being a woman in business, people, relationships, mentoring, lessons and the working title...

In Business you can't make this s@*t up!


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