Are you backing your own horse?

We all struggle with our lives and what is important EVERY day. Every day we can get side tracked with other people's priorities. The war can be long and arduous, so sometimes we need to just pick the battle. Eat one piece of the elephant at a time, take one baby step…do you get the message? Here are some tips with daily coping strategies to work to become an improved you. Do you believe in yourself?

Write down your thoughts - Letting the chaos swim around your head all the time can have a negative impact on your health. When you see it written down you may see a pattern and this can help you with your goals and processing your thoughts.

Focus on the positives - Take each day and find the high points (even if it was fleeting!) This can help with mindset change and releasing the happy hormones in the body.

Be in the moment - Mindfulness helps us to avoid dwelling on things we can't change in the past and have no control in our future. Being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different.

Move - Be active and move your body regularly. Sweat is good, but any movement is better than sitting on the sofa.

Laugh - I'm rubbish at jokes so I will find something that makes me laugh every day and keep that with me.

Pace - You can't eat the elephant in one sitting. If the task at hand is huge and to the point of overwhelming, break it down into bite size manageable chunks.


Be kind to yourself - You are amazing.

What hope do you have if you aren't backing your own horse?


Helen TiteComment