Workplace Wellness The Future!

Common sense will prevail. Wellbeing is part of our future in the workplace whether we want it or not.  The living wage will change businesses as it is a heavy burden for small and medium businesses to cope with. As a result, jobs will be lost to avoid the massive uplift in wage costs and staff will be doing more work in less time. This will cause huge stress within the business framework and will result in long term illness and health problems. Then the employer will have to deal with the inevitability of long term sick/redundancy. 

It is happening now to some sectors and will massively hit the service industry/retail/restaurants/factory work. If we start working on wellness now, teaching companies to appreciate their staff, we can be part of a revolution towards making people feeling valued.  They want recognition for their efforts, understanding of their stresses and the bosses need a happier work force for productivity and profit. Fitness professionals have an opportunity to make changes. Think differently about your future in fitness. The world is recognising the importance of feeling well and staying active. 

What is the future in the workplace? Are we listening to our peers? Can we hear the stress in peoples lives? Can we feel the tension rising? Something has to change. We have to think differently about the workplace. What is currently provided is simply just not enough. 

My slight edge philosophies have proved so effective in building productivity and happiness in businesses both small and corporate.

Healthy Workplace Awards.jpg

We have learnt to think left field with businesses. To help achieve business goals which invariably are around staff retention and stress management. Wellbeing in the workplace is becoming a focus part of leadership and development and we are working with companies with techniques to improve relationships in the workplace which will help staff feel appreciated, valued and happy.  

My Bespoke programs for #workplacewellness could just be the start of an evolution.