Being Unfaithful!

That caught your attention! YES, I have been unfaithful. I feel terrible. Really guilty and I don't know how to manage my feelings!

I have had my hair done by a different hairdresser. That's right! Not my regular one. Worse still I loved the blow-dry. It was just a different experience and quite exciting. Do I tell my hairdresser? Will she be offended? The answer is NO she won't be offended, she couldn't fit me in when I needed my hair done so I went somewhere else. I am booked in to see her again shortly. So who is wrong? 

No-one is wrong, that is simply life and it IS ok. We are creatures of habit and occasionally it is awesome to push out of our comfort zones. 

SO back to my original headline. I have also been unfaithful in fitness... I recently trained at another club and attended an exercise class that was NOT either run or owned by me! Crap! How can I look me in the eye and not hurt my feelings?

August, many freelance instructors close classes (or in my case clubs). September, when kids go back to school is when people start exercising again and is usually the biggest time in the fitness calendar and we are all touting for business.

This is honestly a true story. I recently walked through my local High Street and clocked several of my former customers (more than 6, less than 10) ((I live in a small town and have trained lots of local people over the years by the way)). I am not kidding when I say they either deliberately swerved to avoid me or melodramatically looked skyward. I had to roar out loud.

This isn't a new occurrence, over the years you realise this is the unfaithful body language that the Group Exercise Instructor, Hairdresser or even Coffee Barista has to witness. 

So I often have a little play with this because I am rarely offended. I recognise that this is simply life. I will walk alongside that person and will not touch any subject around exercise. I will ignore the BIG elephant in the room.  This sends panic through the "betrayer" and they spill, they really spill, like water over a waterfall!  You get a flood of reasons for why they fell off the wagon or have moved to another Instructor. And what do I do? I simply squeeze their arm and say "it's ok". 

The same scenario happens on social media. I am either deleted, or the Unfaithful will stop liking your comments or start talking in code about their training schedules.  Again, It is ok.  My pleasure is that I have been involved in your journey and that is enough. 

If I can't supply you with your needs, then you have every right to move on. A simple courtesy is appreciated though as the Soap Opera that often unfolds due to being Unfaithful is quite funny to observe. 

Liberate yourself. Don't be afraid to try out new things. Competition is great and healthy. I have ALWAYS, always said that. Just like Hairdressers, Car Dealers and Coffee Shops, there are plenty of Instructors, and certainly  plenty of people to train. Being friendly about changing is good for the soul. 

Let your clients go free with your arms opens and your soul happy and they will know that one day they may return and IT IS OK!

Be Happy. Better to be the one who smiled, than the one who didn't smile back. 





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