Business Imagination Versus Business Innovation

I have discovered another sense. It is a bit like x-ray vision where I can see the connections between people and potential business unions. It is like a thread that connects one person to another, and I can detect it long before others can. I have introduced many unions over the years and could never put a theory behind it. I now call this my Business Imagination. This goes much deeper than the seventeen second elevator pitch where we have a passing glance to share who we are and what we want, I seem to merge the auras and build the business ideas in advance. My imagination has gone on it's own journey and I let it because I believe that anything is possible if you believe in your own worth.

Once the creative process is in place (that's the Business Imagination) then processes come into place to be innovative. The new idea or method is the Business Innovation..

Core Health Consultancy is based at The Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre next to RCH Treliske in Truro - the centre is a business acceleration facility that welcomes knowledge based businesses within sectors that support health and/or wellbeing.

I was once described by a senior business advisor as having a brain that was multi-coloured chaos and that needed to be untangled and laid down into a formal structure that was black and white. Actually that person couldn't see the depth of field that I could see with my x-ray vision. I simply have now formalised the method and we call that CorEvolution. This allows me to draw down the ideas from the imagination so that the innovation can turn into business models.

CorEvolution is the process where we help you see the thread, unravel the thread, attach the thread to other entrepreneurs and businesses whether micro or large and then watch the thread create the artwork to form innovation. 

We are confined by our own self-limiting beliefs. Why can't we shoot for the stars? Anything is possible. We control our own destiny and power. We all have the business imagination, you just need to let me show you how to find it. 





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