Wake the lion and she ROARS

I am feeling the pressure of life. Pressured to be slimmer, thinner and happier, prettier, to have it all.. I can't breathe with it all. You know what? Sod that! I am a women and why can't that be enough for me? For you? I want to be the very best I can be and I strive to improve that best I can attitude, with knowledge, maturity, love and life experiences.

In my role, I see women wanting to unite and simply be fabulous. To shrug off the worries of daily living and simply roar like a lioness. 

We lead by example. In a fitness class I am naughty, sassy, cheeky and mostly NOT AFRAID. I am alive. I am often the biggest bum in the class and probably with the most curves but you don't often see that, you see someone light up and look completely liberated. In that moment you observe what letting go looks like and you can take up that essence, shake it and let yourself go. Worrying simply affects your own freedom. 

A group of real women in a room with no rules, no opinions and being in the moment. You are not a wife, mother, business owner, grafter, sister, daughter, taxi, cleaner. You are simply being the best you can be in that moment and fully empowered. In that room, you are safe to lose control, laugh until tears roll down your face and forget restrictions of life. For one hour you can writhe on the floor, twerk like Beyonce and sensually touch your skin with the sensuality of a Toulouse-Lautrec masterpiece.

I had a moment in my DanceFit class this week. I explained to the girls before we had started, that I planned to teach some sassy poses and some cat walking, strutting your stuff moves. In horror and hands to cheeks they reluctantly agreed to trust me. When we got to the Sassy set, they followed, then they started laughing, then the real beauty of this amazing bunch of women of all ages, shapes and sizes really shone. For a moment we were all lost in the utter happiness and liberation of our bodies. Free from media pressure and our lives. We were one. We were rocking it out. That's Fitness Liberation. 

This thought has been with me for a really long time but, with all my experience in the fitness industry, I have learnt that our bodies need kindness too and so many women do not need any more competition and stress in their lives. They want fun. The stress of life takes its toll on our bodies and we are too hard on ourselves. We are as unique as our fingerprints, a message I have expressed for years.

There are women who want to shred body fat and compete for the media perfect body, others want to feel toned with a flat(ish) tummy and then there are the ones who may have low self esteem and desire to build confidence, not to mention those who simply want companionship, improve strength... There is a solution to all of these types but let us not forget we are women and in today's society, it is a tough life for all of us. We can often lose sight of who we are, often too busy surviving to realise the beauty within and around us. We can lose our spiritual selves as we run out of time and room. It is easier to follow the masses than to take a pause, a breath and realisation that you might actually be following someone else's goals. 

I want to encourage you to put yourself first. This is not a selfish act. This is for your own Mental Wealth. Giving yourself some time to process your daily goals and task yourself with just 3-5 items on your daily list (NO MORE THAN THAT). Just because you are a mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, work colleague, driver, organiser doesn't mean that you put yourself last on the list of things to do. In order to perform all your roles with va-va-voom you must consider your own fabulousness. Be kind to yourself.

I want to see you taking 3-5 minutes of your day to sit still and think through the chaos and priorities of what is important and focused for your mental health. The fog passes and the clarity appears. It takes a little practise. Start with 1 minute of sitting still and listening to your breathing only. 

Do one thing that scares you and takes you out of your comfort zone, as let's face it all the exciting stuff happens out of there. 

Move your body in a way that makes you feel liberated. 

Stop worrying so much about your curves. One day you will look back and see that you actually looked great anyway. Worrying gives you wrinkles! Stress makes you fat! 

Laugh - Laugh out loud and remember that fun feeling as it re-energises your soul. 

Be proud of the journey you have made so far, the journey ahead is going to be even more fabulous for yourself. Fist pump into the air and remind yourself with daily mantras and affirmations that "You are Women" and "You are Amazing" no buts or Butts! "You are Enough" "You are the very best that you can be"

Start from within, learn to love yourself. Be kind to yourself. That will radiate out of you like the shining star you are.  Then share your sparkle forward.