I will once I've lost some weight and exercised at home.. then I'll be ready

January brings out a flurry of back at it, full of enthusiastic "fitties" to the gyms however there are countless people still too afraid (or just not ready) to step inside a gym.

I am kind of an all or nothing kinda girl, I know what I know and I know what I like with exercise . I have lots of friends like that too. Jumping into something 100%, then a tendency to fall off the wagon completely as it is too much to manage such a huge change.

I am all for "Slight Edge Philosophy". This means lots of little tweaks to make one big change. So I was asked to draw up a series of little exercises that lead to an overall increase of strength. This makes me joyously happy as if I were Queen for the day, I would declare that strength training no matter what age, should be compulsory. Of course we think about lifting HUGE weights, but in actuality our own body weight is good enough when you are getting started. 

So here are some of my favourite exercises to get you going.

Try to work through these exercises as a starting point to build your strength. Baby steps to increase your confidence and before you know it, you have made a giant leap forward in your personal fitness. 

Everyone starts somewhere. Stay hydrated, sleep well and be nourished.

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