Is it just lip service to us girls with curves?

I can't be alone on this? Oprah, Beyonce, Adele, Michelle Obama, all incredible women and all have curves. They are strong women. Influencers. So why are we still looking at super skinny fitness models in the fitness industry as part of the advertising?  Where are the real women? It seems like it is lip service and this my friends, needs to change, or our beloved industry dies. "This Girl Can" Campaign was phenomenal last year and continues to remind us that all shapes move, but the nationals and social media still insist on promoting shredding fat, beautiful images of toned bodies and we observe less of the real women with wobbly bits.

My role models in life are women with passion, women on a mission and women who embrace their curves. Their beauty stems deeper than their physical beauty. Women of substance. They have confidence with their curves. Women that make me feel I could aspire to, women that make me feel fabulous about myself.

Do we find stretch marks and fat rolls offensive? God forbid mention hairiness or cellulite! Then there is the fat girl sweating image! What about the peri-menopausal women sweating? Mental health is on the rise. Anxiety disorders, low self esteem spirals into low mood and onwards into depression. I am worried about the subtleties in advertising, we are continuing to influence body shaming. I feel passionate seeing the rise of the Warrior Women who are making waves not making PB's.

Competition is fierce in all walks of life, some of us missed the competitive boat as we were being shamed into wearing PE knickers and forced into sports that highlighted our flaws not our talents. (to be fair that is why I became an aerobics instructor, it is non contact sport that didn't involve me fighting with goal attacks!). 

With the rise of technical fabrics and wick away fabrics, every god damn thing is tight and terrifying. Who is fighting the curvy girls' corner in the fashion fitness industry? It's bad enough I am double bra'd and sucking in, please don't make me wear the tight leggings too!  I plea to the industry to take us Goddesses who live beyond the 95 percentile and dress us with confidence. Promote us with great health and hard working. Take the 40 something, 50 something female and promote her making a difference, yes she sweats it's her hormones and every bloody woman's faces sweats and flushes in their lives. FACT! 

The female fitness model is not the average women. Let's be clear about that. Yes she has worked super hard to look like that, I have trained those bodies. I have huge admiration for the sacrifices she makes to get to those goals, however, she is not the majority. In one breath we shake our fists and say go girl with curves, I admire you and on the other hand we just can't have you on this advertising campaign, as curves don't sell LuLuLemon yoga pants. (we all remember how well that went down). Come on Reebok, I love your kit, it doesn't always love me though.

I salute you women with real issues, juggling life, juggling families, jugging breasts, work, health and surviving power surges. It is you, CurvyGirl that I adore and want to see you love yourself as much as I love you. I can see the light in your eyes, I can see you light up in my classes, passionate and rocking out sassy moves. Take that feeling with you every day. Celebrate the women you are, your soul is bigger than your curves, don't let anyone dull your sparkle. I am glad CurvyGirl, that you are in my life. 

Don't get me confused with the Globesity epidemic that is my next blog. I am not a fitness model, though I would do a good job. I am also not endorsing eating giant bars of Fruit and Nut. I am saying the less confident woman needs to aspire to get moving and keep moving to save her health. Her health is vital and that is her mindset too. Her mental wealth must thrive. The photo of a size 4 shredder won't keep her focused. The CurvyGirl can be fragile and needs celebrating.