Dia – Beat –IT with Kick Start Fat Loss


The number of people in the UK with diabetes has hit four million for the first time, according to new figures published today by Diabetes UK. With a rise of 65% in people diagnosed in the last decade largely due to obesity – losing weight, staying active and eating right has never been more at the forefront.

We at Kick Start Fat Loss are campaigning for changes to be made in the way consumers eat, cook and purchase food. 

'making slight changes in what you are eating and moving your body when you have reduced and hopefully removed sugar can  prevent up to 90 percent of Type-2 diabetes cases!’  You only have one body" says Helen Tite of Kick Start Cornwall

The Kick Start Fat Loss programme consists of a 28 day elimination diet plan, weekly club workout and daily online support. There is no calorie counting, no points system and no confusion. The plan encourages home cooking, eliminates refined sugar and avoids processed foods to ensure you are eating whole foods and proper nutrition.  The Kick Start Fat Loss Team, a nationwide group of over 100 franchisees have coached thousands of people who have transformed their health through changes to their diet and therefore improving their Diabetes tremendously. 

Roxy Hoare a Kick Start Fat loss member in Banbury lost a stone in two months which subsequently saw her Hba1c (an average blood sugar result) down from 9.3 to 7.5.

Diabetic Gina of KSFL West Somerset dropped three dress sizes on the KSFL plan and saw an instant improvement to her health and confidence. ‘My body shape has changed, I have lost the weight, toned up and now loving life and exercise!’

Gary Atkin from Ilkeston has lost over two stone on the Kick Start Fat Loss Plan and has thoroughly embraced the lifestyle becoming a KSFL Franchisee with his wife. ‘I have so much more energy. I have been taken off the insulin for diabetes and cut down to 1 tablet a day as well as seeing a massive improvement in my heart health.

If you need more support with T2 Diabetes and weight loss NOW is the time to make a change. It can be tough but start with small changes and you will feel and love the difference.

For more information about Kick Start Fat Loss including classes in your area, please follow the link: www.corehealthconsultancy.com

Helen is also a Mum to a Type 1 teenager and uses her method to help manage her daughters Type 1 Diabetes. Maddie has had T1 for 7 years and now is an insulin pump user. Helen gets Diabetic control and knows how this can make a difference to your life.

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