Your best IS enough x

I thought I would write a blog as I have been struggling with my weight gain recently and I truly feel that people judge you in a negative way when you are not a size 10 or 12! I have never understood when the media states that a size 12 is curvy, almost in a derogatory way. To me and many others, it is a normal size and anyway curvy is how women are meant to be !

Working in the fitness industry, we are surrounded by fit young instructors but we are also role models. We are Mothers, wives, we run households, businesses and many of us have more than one job. I am a fitness instructor, a practising Registered nurse, my husband works split shifts in a Hotel and life can be hectic! I have many strings to my bow and I am proud of my achievements but I have not been very positive about my appearance lately. It doesn't take much to make somebody feel self conscious about their weight - a smirk, a comment, outright rudeness sometimes, really!  I want to shout out "You don't know my story !" but I shouldn't have to ...

I have lost weight in the past through healthy eating and exercise. That was five years ago and I was the fittest that I have been, since before I had my gorgeous 3 boys. I was well and truly “on it”. I was teaching, living and breathing fitness and I loved it. I felt more confident, didn't have to worry about any squidgy bits and I loved feeling healthy and trim. I felt that my body shape was defined by my lifestyle.

Unfortunately, injury, erratic hormones and iron deficiency crept in, I was extremely short of breath due to the lack of iron, and I lacked energy. My work changed so I wasn’t teaching mainstream classes and the weight went back on despite still eating healthily and exercising. I wasn’t exercising as much as previously, but I was still working hard.

As a family, we have always cooked from scratch, we rarely have fast food and I hate take aways (except pizza but that gives me heartburn). I used to have IBS and have an allergy to some oils and can’t cope with spices so I have to eat sensibly. Bread and wheat give me horrendous heartburn so I live on chicken, steak, fish, veg and salad.  I eat healthy fats, so I have a small amount of grass fed butter and avocados. I love chocolate, sweets and pastries, but again, I am so sensitive to sugar, I get the shakes and need more sugar, so I rarely bother!

Occasionally I will have a cinnamon bun and a latte or a glass of vino at the weekend but hey I’m allowed a day off. Saying that, it's not unusual for me to not drink any alcohol for months!

I am very aware of nutrition, calories and how different food types affect my body. This week I have exercised every day and I know that we need rest days but I am motivated and focused. We are travelling soon to teach abroad and we need to be on top form.

Some days it is a walk and a run, other days it is a spin session, Zumba, body conditioning, pilates or a gym session incorporating weights. I love it but some days it would be easier to stay lounging on the sofa at home, but I want to be active.  

The latest research is that you don’t need to exercise for hours. Hiit sessions are great for fat loss whilst retaining muscle mass and we do use these theories in our runs and spin classes.

My point is that I know what to do and believe me I am trying it all!

My closest friends tell me to celebrate my curves, tell me that I am fit and strong and that is what matters. I am just about getting there … I just wish that I could lose some weight, but if it’s not going to happen just yet, then I have to accept it and concentrate on becoming even fitter and stronger than I am now. It's not easy and my muscles are sore, but it is a great feeling! 

To those who have lost weight, are naturally slim or are lucky enough to not have to work at it, I’m genuinely pleased for you – just don’t be smug, don’t look down your noses at us and don’t offer your suggestions based on your opinions that are incorrect. IT ISN’T HELPFUL !

Be the encouragers, compliment your friends, motivate them, be the one to contact them, make a change and don’t be afraid.

Most of all, be kind to others and accept that if you are trying your best, then that IS enough x

Pat Taylor

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