Fire in Your Belly

Glimpsing over the book of face on a Sunday night I see the rants... Mostly all about The X Factor Show and how people are making poor judgement calls on selecting TV viewing over talent.

If we could only channel that energy into positivity, motivation and mindset.

What I can see is the drive to have an opinion, then wake up and push for a change. What drives you?

Follow this:-

What triggers the fire in your belly?

Have a think!

Take a moment to channel that feeling.

Now think about yourself!

Is your health perfect?

What could be improved? 

Say it out loud! Say what you could improve on and then say it again!

Ok, you should now get the point. We are busy and life gets in the way. So lets make a plan. It will only take 5 minutes of your amazing time.

Write down the next 7 days of your life. 

Write down what evening meals you will be eating.

Write down what time you will go to bed.

Write down how you intend to exercise/stretch/dance/train/move/meditate.

Look at it.

Think about it.


That is all for now. 

We have to start somewhere, and for those feeling overwhelmed, then these simple steps will help your mindset and improve your health. You must look after you.

I talk about this a lot with my personal training clients, especially my online coaching clients.

Sometimes we have to nip around the edges of the whole to help us feel that we are in control of our change. It is often the subtleties that bring on a greater change. It doesn't matter how big or small the change is.

Change is Change.

Now go and find your fire!
— Helen Tite



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