I am a Fitness Anarchist #iamafitnessanarchist

I find myself in a room filled with suits and business like people, probably public sector who have a monthly salary and have arrived at yet another meeting around physical activity. Some are not strangers. In fact there are many faces having the same old conversation as we did ten years ago, maybe longer. With dismay I try and create positive body language and look eager.  I have cancelled a day of clients to be here and lost business. I did that because this matters. This is my life. I live, eat and breathe a life that includes making a difference. 

I simply cannot allow the platitudes to happen any longer. I feel fire in my belly and I will not be beaten. I can no longer allow around the houses conversations, with plenty of beautifully graphically designed information and remarks about our sickening population. The simple fact is that we haven't quite made it complicated enough, so we may need to do a little more research and gather more findings.

Eyes roll in despair. Yes I am desperate because I am very much a do-er, an action taker and leader. I often ignore protocols as quite frankly stuff needs do-ing, so do it. Stop waiting for articles to be written and ensure that the policy holders' next 10 months of work is guaranteed before the next action. Whilst we wait, people get fatter, others fall and more are mentally unwell. 

So as the self employed person, my time is really money. My passion drives me to attend meetings like the one I'm talking about, as I genuinely believe that at some point the talking will stop and the doing will start. If it doesn't? Then I will lead the fitness revolution. I am the fitness anarchist.

I speak on behalf of so many instructors and fitness teachers around the world who are so inspired with making change, they are exercising groups in decrepit old village halls and community centres, beaches, car parks, secret locations up and down the country.  They walk the walk. They get deep into communities, way deeper than council run leisure centres and the chains.

We hear about barriers. Reasons people can't/won't exercise and the answer is truly complex. Here is the top handful: Mirrors in gyms, too fat, uncoordinated, unaffordable, no time, nothing to wear, unable to wash clothes, sweat too much, health conditions, simple parents, too thin, intimidated, don't like people, too old, too young.....

So why the title and what can you do? Firstly, share your stories.

Make a noise about the great things you do in your classes, share the impact you have created in your community. Each and every instructor and trainer changes lives and we need to restore balance of good versus evil.

Shine - support other instructors (whether your personalities clash or not). Shine Theory (look it up) is powerful for getting your voice heard and being supported by your peers. Make a point of celebrating another instructor that you respect, that may be a role model in your career.

Mentor - Support newer or less experienced instructors. It is a lonely old place as a community instructor. Offer to collaborate or cover/share/support each other. 

Get Involved - Go Bigger, get involved in volunteer programs. You are an expert in your field and YOU can make a difference.

Fear - Never be afraid to speak up and speak out. You are probably reading this because you care about the people you support. You can influence change for the better in your communities and health matters. 

We are an unhealthy nation and it is getting worse. You can be the difference. You have it in you to be the change. You are the drop of water in the ocean. Watch the ripple. Watch how your influence can make a difference.

Be the difference. You don't have to be perfect. You are awesome.

Be proud of your impact. People look up to you.

Be heard. Never be afraid. Your voice matters.

Hashtag away and be the fitness anarchist. Be the change.



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