What working out in the free weight area has taught me!

  • It is not as scary as first thought. It is my own self limiting beliefs that have stopped me progressing in the past. As long as I am safe and I am progressing injury free, then I won't get injured again.
  • They probably aren't looking at me. I am approved of as I am trying to make a difference. If I do catch their eyes, I get a sage nod and more recently a fist pump.
  • Comfort zones are so yesterday. Scared and loving it, and my inner Goddess is wide awake and kicking my ass.
  • It is for all shapes and definitely for the curvy girls. I am lapping the ones on the couch and my strength is coming along nicely. 
  • Strength on the outside, confidence on the inside. Hormones are balancing and I am feeling GOOD.
  • You need to have a word with yourself. I hear myself saying "come on Helen, you can do this" The power of mindset is strong when you are trying to improve yourself.
  • I have bad sessions and great sessions but I am never giving up. It is ok to not feel as successful in every session, that would tell me that I am slipping back into my comfort zone. Recognise that you get out what you put in and sometimes you have to a) be easy on your health and b) you HAVE to be present when you train.
  • Turn off the noise. When the voices of negativity rise and you start looking around you panicking that someone might laugh at you, you need to focus. Become mindful. Be in the moment, put on your warrior armour and forget that anyone exists around you. Once you have woken that inner spirit, you can catch on fire. I LOVE THAT FEELING MOST.
  • Smile. You are loving your soul, your body and your mind. Enjoy this selfish wonderful time. You may even get a smile back! 
  • It gets better. The more you do, the more you love it. Bottle that feeling and draw on that feeling on the days when you are opting out of exercise.
  • No it really isn't that scary. You have earned your time on that bench. Don't be afraid. Yes they may look bigger, scarier, stronger, but we have no idea what goes on in their lives. Remember we are all fighting battles in our own lives. 
  • Learn and never stop learning. As a personal trainer myself, I have questioned, argued and embraced some interesting methods and given everything a try. I want to be a better person. This is not normally my field but it makes an impact on my quality of life. 
  • Stop worrying. Easy for some I know, have a plan and stick to it to help with confidence. This will stop you drifting off and analysing what others are thinking. If you don't like the break between sets, go and walk to the water station as a distraction. Visualise your child of protection and feel empowered. 
  • Get a Trainer. Best thing I have done in years. I am committed to my trainer and he helps me with all the above. He gets me. He focuses me and knows when my inner child is playing up. I trust him.
  • It hurts. It really hurts. LEG DAY EQUALS LEG PAIN WEEK at first. Weirdly, you learn to love that pain. 

But most of all, working out in the free weights area has taught me that the best things in life are worth working for. You only have one body, one chance at life and health matters. Without health, nothing matters. Look after your body, nourish it well, give yourself time to breathe, reflect and slow down the pace. Nourish your mind with continued learning and experience, love hard, forgive and appreciate the small things in life, as they are the moments that make us who we are.