Did Fitness Change My Life?

I am sitting here typing whilst one of my trainers (also a qualified nurse and fitpro) is delivering a Neurological fitness class to a group of human beings. The Humans in here consist of a young woman with dementia and Huntington’s Disease, an elderly chap with Parkinson’s, a husband and wife, both with Parkinson’s and both with a stroke, an amazing woman with Multiple Sclerosis. There are 14 souls in this class all with stories and in spite of their disease or disability they have spirit, cheekiness and vigour for life.

I was recently asked how being an instructor has changed my life and has it changed the life of my clients?

I remember being sat in a conference for long term conditions back in 2009 sobbing when a client stood up to speak and claimed I saved his life. Para-phrasing but his words were …”without Helen I probably wouldn’t be here today. She gave me confidence and the will to live’. This really struck a chord with me and made me sob, not because I was sad but the reality that being kind and giving a little bit have yourself can truly make someone’s day.

It’s not all about the aesthetics and being body beautiful. It takes all colours to make up a rainbow. Fitness and wellbeing isn’t rocket science however studying the human body and brain is a vast science and that is essential. The delivery of classes and personal training often looks easy. We are constantly checking, tweaking and progressing movement patterns and the client thinks they are simply swaying.

I have found my calling in life. I can’t imagine not being in any other industry. Inspiring the next generation of instructors and observing incredible evolutions in clients is enough. Over the years I have watched less confident clients attend my classes that have crossed over to the dark side and become instructors in my beloved profession. I have seen transformations and huge mindset changes. I have observed utter joy in my classes and watched people develop and grow. I have seen girls grow into great women with great careers. Curves to lean and not to mention some radical body makeovers.

As a Mum, wife, carer, friend, goddess, business owner.. The list goes on, with curves and clearly no shame; I apparently, am a realistic role model. I have created a persona to my customers that my work is easy and I can juggle it all. The Fitness profession can be really tough especially as music has ruined my life. If the beat has 8 counts in it, I can do anything with it. Everyone song I hear has a home in a step class, Zumba class, Age Defying Fitness, Body Balance. I never intend to stop learning. I am fascinated by anatomy and want to encourage anyone to move AND keep moving. We need to evolve our movement patterns as we age and keep things appropriate to our ageing processes for great hormone balance.

For me health and wellness is more important than just exercise, followed by decent laughter, good sleep and daily meditation. Oh and the perfectly good glass of wine with best friends.

Have I changed lives? I hope so? I intend to be provocative and create thought inspiring subjects. I want my clients to leave me feeling fabulous and motivated. I want them to get lost for one hour, debt free, not a wife or a mother but just be in the moment, utterly satisfied and happy. I want them to go home and re-enact their experiences or better still, just be happy.

Life is tough these days; we are so driven and influenced by social media and crap icons. I want to be a better version of who I am every day, which enables me to help and make other people be a better version of themselves, then I can die content.

Helen TiteComment