Beauty, BioTech, Brains and Breaking the Mould

Winning Medilink SW Business & Innovation Award for 'Partnership with the NHS'

Tell me about the nature of your business?

CHC employs survivors, nurses and carers who have experience and knowledge in wellbeing, bridging the gap between health and fitness.

We consult for patients and businesses with specific health imbalances. We look to improve quality of life, addressing disease specific conditions. We have a slight edge philosophy, improving health and wellness.

We supply Wellness Services to NHS Kernow and Charitable organisations to provide bespoke services across the county. Taking our training into offices and community venues. We provide corporate packages to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. We work in preventative care and palliative as “everyone can move”.

In 30 words sell yourself to me!

The Core Health Consultancy employs survivors, nurses and carers experienced and knowledgeable in wellbeing, bridging the gap between health and fitness.

Changing lives and enhancing wellbeing by breaking the mould.

Tell me how you managed to engage with the NHS as a fitness provider?

One of the very few private countrywide fitness providers successfully commissioned by NHS. Providing bespoke wellness courses across the county helping frail patients with a fear of falling, and for those with neurological conditions impacting their patient care and quality of life.

The non-medicalised model of ReBalance and ReNew focuses on functional fitness and are progressive programs. The improvements provide the NHS with valuable measured outcomes that indicate our work helps keep people out of doctor’s surgeries. 

Working at a strategic level, CHC work with commissioning and are setting precedent in other fitness providers nationwide.

What did the collaboration address and how significant was it?

£2.3b is the average cost per year of falls and the support system around falls. ReBalance is designed to prevent people from potentially falling or falling again. The program starts where physiotherapy stops and makes a difference in confidence, medication and living well.

RENEW promotes strength, mobility, balance and stability, and improvements to quality of life. The exercises are designed to develop daily functional movements, which in turn, increase individuals’ confidence in their own abilities.

Cornwall’s health provision is already under massive strain; our work helps to stop dependence on our GPs and hospital services.


How does the partnership benefit patient care compared to previous treatments – including reduction in treatment time, cost saving etc.?

This is pioneering work where a need was demonstrated. The NHS wants to keep clients out of the care system to reduce costs – we teach skills that enable people to feel more confident in their everyday tasks and help them to manage their conditions in a safe manner.

This in turn reduces waiting times for treatments and financial strain, as our clients are stronger and less dependent on the health service.

The social aspects to our sessions also bring people together – clients no longer feel lonely and isolated.

We take the client out of the medicalised environment and “normalize” them

What contact/consultation has taken place with patients or patient involvement groups, and what assessments of whole life considerations were there? 

Building trust, quick responsive time, sign posting and relationship building all happen before and throughout the course duration. Experience and training allow the team to work with the patient, their MDT and support network.

Both qualitative and quantitive data is gathered throughout the process and used to build additional knowledge in further courses.  Social media has become integral in promoting that everyone can move. Demonstrating life-changing events as a direct and non-direct response to the evidenced formula. Weekly live sessions with the patient groups and on-going peer support is established to grow their own wellness groups.

Your final words?

We break boundaries (Inc. HRMC). Our work has been drawn up as a series of workshops and seminars being delivered nationwide with the vision that other highly qualified fitness providers can provide a fitness solution for their NHS CCG’s and councils.

The notorious “gym bunny” world of fitness has evolved and is making a difference in health. Slight edge philosophies are tweaking and subtly changing patterns that have historically failed. Our Mindfulness is reducing anti-depressant prescribing and stress.

The best drug in the world and the secret to living longer is moving your body and exercising your mind.


What does winning this award mean to you and your team?

CHC has gone through a huge transition but we never faltered on our belief that our services around health is making a huge difference. We have demonstrated resilience as a business and are making noises nationally to empower other providers to replicate what we are doing as well as inspiring those who would benefit from our services to use us or find similar professionals to enhance quality of life.

I am extremely proud of my team and their faith in our work. I’m not going to lie, the journey hasn’t been easy. We are dizzy from all the corners we have turned. Over ten years of working in the slight edge, making subtle changes, we are finally gaining traction and working with amazing companies to amplify our vision. Who knows what will happen next but I can assure you we will have a greater opportunity to reach way more people that need confidence building and support as they manage their health.

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