Being a fatty

“You are tall you can get away with it” they said

“You are beautiful, no-one looks at your bum” they said

So that was my all clear to eat more and pile on the chub.  Add post-natal depression and a second pregnancy and suddenly I am weighing in over 20 stone.

That was over 12 years ago. Since then, I became, a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, then a fitness presenter, a tutor, a Master Trainer, a clinical therapist and so much more.

The point is, being over weight made me unhappy, and when I started taking control of my health, I started taking control of my life.  Learn more about my own personal journey as together we will walk through fat loss and nutrition together.

Food no longer owns me. It is not the place I seek comfort from today. I have learned to love food and appreciate my health. I am curvy, confident and love life.

Let me Kick Start You and help you celebrate your own fabulous. I call it flying my freak flag.  I want others to feel fabulous, empowered and celebrate your own kind of uniqueness.

Join me on our journey with Kick Start Fat Loss with an array of programs to suit your needs.

We also provide you with short attainable exercises to follow, plus motivation, support and shopping lists with food plans.

It is easy, fun and will change your outlook on “dieting”! 



Haitch x

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