Launching our Online Diet Club

Why do I want you to join my diet club? When you have done all the diets, joined and spent a fortune on the two BIG national chains (you know the ones), one club I spent choosing which colour days I wanted and other was too much maths for my liking! Then I tried the dodgy pills, strange shakes, cabbage soup and so the list went on... What I didn't understand was that food is nourishment and that I am not a dog that needs rewarding. When you have weighed your clothes to figure out which ones are heavier on weigh in day and when you have had emergency last minute wees and poos to ensure greater weight loss and still fluctuate, then it is time to get a reality check and start to live life, understand food and get a grip.

It is not a game, weigh in day is a joke! I was celebrated if I lost a pound and shamed if I stayed the same. What about my relationship to food? What about my hormones? Why am I craving food? Why is it all a battle? What about moving my body?

After a lifelong battle with food, I am now a champion and I want you to stop the madness and be brave enough to jump ship for a little while. I have studied nutrition and also have a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes - I am an expert in reading food labels and knowing about carbohydrates!

Why do I want you to join my club? Because I have been there, I totally get it and have learnt the hard way. I want to pass on that knowledge with you. 

I don't have to know of your experiences fully, I do understand health well, I understand oestrogen and menopause, I understand losing weight for goals and I really understand type 1 and type 2 diabetes! Oh and finally, I'm a size 14-16 and love it. I represent regular curvy women and I love it. I have stopped worrying about what you think about my body and shape as I am stronger, healthier and fitter both physically and mentally than ever before.

So why online? Time, flexibility and the ability to reach more beautiful people. If you are living in Cornwall, we have even joined forces with the Cornish Food Box to get food delivered to your doorstep, to make life even easier for you. 

We run live group exercise classes for a motivational boost and have great success with teaching fitness. We also have a secret Facebook group where we will be live, streaming support and exercises to you. You get a local feel to our work as well as meeting some of the other franchisees around the country, delivering fitness sessions. We want you to feel connected with us and feel the motivation to help you get to where you want to be, in a safe and healthy way. 

So having been an expert in the national diet clubs as a participant, I want to share with you, all the things that do make sense from that experience, plus the up to date knowledge about food, from my years as a fitness and wellness professional. 

So it is time, I want to give you my skills and pass the love on. I have an amazing team who get the KSFL diet. We struggle, we battle and celebrate all the goodness around great recipes, ideas and feeling fabulous. Your confidence in the kitchen will give you confidence elsewhere, as you shed the old and find the new in you. 

Is that reason enough for you? Join us