Hijacked by my own body

Tomorrow, I, along with a few others, will be starting our fat loss regime. I am preparing today, but the hubby has just bought me some chocolate! (I asked for something nice when he went shopping, as I am suffering a self inflicted headache! I meant flowers really, but I realise that men need direct instructions, I never learn on that one).

It's so hard isn't it? I am used to not eating bread and pasta, as it doesn't suit me, I try my hardest not to snack and rarely eat takeaways, so why is it so hard ? I exercise, (not as much as I used to) and still it doesn't budge. If I have a piece of bread or something sweet one day, I am guaranteed to put on a pound or two, it just isn't fair! The odd glass or .... 2 of prosecco is one of my only vices and I think it's important to have at least one vice, I don't think that alcohol is the cause either.

Now what I haven't mentioned is my age, or rather the stage my body is at, in my hormonal map. I am pre-menopausal, according to my blood tests. I have a visitor to my body that came along uninvited, hijacked me, (RUDE!) a fibroid, which has caused severe iron deficiency and in turn causes tiredness, shortness of breath, lack of energy and extremely heavy periods which can last a week and come around weekly or fornightly! Blimey it's great being a female!

So I feel like the odds are stacked against me. My mind is willing, when I'm not in a fog, but my body is sluggish! I am, however, determined to beat this chub, or whatever you want to call it, and feel better in my own skin.

Now it really doesn't help when people around you, make you feel that you are somewhat inferior to them because they don't have a weight problem or have lost weight. That could be at the gym, at home or work, or just in your community. I have lost weight before, was at my fittest, then things happened and I was unable to exercise as much, I started to decrease my iron stores, and the weight gradually increased. Even at my slimmest, I can honestly say that I never looked down on anyone due to their weight. I always felt that I understood them and wanted to help them. Just because you are heavier, fatter or less toned than somebody else does NOT mean that you are less of a person, just as being slimmer, more toned and lighter does NOT make you superior or a better person. It riles me, it really does !   

So where am I going with this? We all have our own story to tell, our own individuals barriers and problems, but we all deserve to feel great about ourselves, whatever our weight! We are all equal and anyone who portrays the opposite, deserves a big fat whatever, right in the kissser! Now I don't condone violence, but we really don't have to explain to anyone , why we are like we are. 

So love yourself, let your family and friends love you, and don't let other people's negative opinions hold you back. 

Keep striving towards that goal for you and you alone xxx

Pat TaylorComment