The Cancer Rehabilitation Trainer

 The great news is that more and more people are surviving cancer and the speed of improving treatment is considerable. Huge investment has gone into research for cures and improving treatment. Some say at lightening speed and others say not quick enough, especially as you watch the chemo mix going in your Hickman line in your chest.

Either way more and more people are surviving cancer and there is still not enough support out there to really touch and reach people to help build confidence and get people back on their feet after cancer.

 It is difficult to describe the work of a trainer as one size does not fit all and each body is different, each treatment pathway is different, therefore a nightmare to create rehabilitation programs that conveys all the messages around wellness.

 That’s where we, the Cancer Rehab Trainer are different. Yes we have read the books and done the training, but nothing compares to listening to the clients as they share their stories. Such as getting stuck in the bath, struggling getting dressed, getting stuck on the bathroom floor being sick. We hear the stories then convert it into a movement or a stretch to make things a little better.

 We tell stories that our clients can relate to so they don’t feel so alone or frightened or angry. We share information around support from families and friends. We are problem solvers. We help with getting people back into relationships, work , life after treatment. Help find strategies to fend off stress and teach methods to reduce stress.

 Cancer Rehabilitation trainers everywhere are so much more than exercise. We have to be. Sometimes exercise isn’t always the answer but laughter and relaxation is. Where there is a will, there is always a way and that’s what makes the cancer rehab trainer different.

 We all know that exercise is the wonder-drug, so let your rehab trainer in and help move you forward. You are so much more than a survivor. You are different now. You have seen unimaginable horror and now, you will grow from it.  You will evolve into the new you, your new evolution. You will not be defined by cancer. You will re-define yourself and move forward.

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