Rest in Peace Small Health Provider but we are broke in the NHS


I have never heard the word de-investment before. It means an organisation liquidating assets to reduce expenditure…alternatively a company may have to divest unwillingly if it needs cash to sustain operations.

That is the NHS. That is a sad and sorry state of affairs. We all know it and nothing can be done from where I am standing to protect the fruit closest to the ground (small health providers) and the coal-face (Doctors and Nursing care).

Yes I expect a backlash at some point, but to be honest I have so often, over the years, felt that life decisions are so often made on a bank balance simply because you can’t prove that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A CURE.

I am ashamed to have heard Government seniors tell me “yes exercise is the wonder-drug, yes we know prevention could save billions” and in the next breath they say "but it is too late to change the huge machine." It is harder to turn around the supertanker than the paddleboard.

I’m sad. I am sad because it is the Joans and the Rons of the world who suffer. They are empowered by providers like myself to improve their quality of life. They are frightened and want to feel well again and it is small businesses who are on the periphery who make a difference.

The fitness professionals who work for pennies, who keep people out of back clinics and pain management programs, the nutrition guys who help people lose enough weight to get onto a kidney transplant register.

We can not see into the future, so I can't tell you that I stop Joan from falling in September 2016, which stops her from fracturing her hip. This costs the NHS £14,000 at the acute phase, then there is physio', ward care, triage, orthopaedic care…. Mental health as she is now terrified she will fall again, this goes onto another £16,000 in the second year, but Joan dies. She never made it past leaving the hospital after 4 months as an inpatient.

That is the suck as far as I can see.  Prevention is invisible and I can't be eloquent or polite about it.  The short-sightedness of the NHS (Five year plan) . Why 5 years? This is the longest time without government change, elections and policy! It will be too late.

Thank goodness for charities. The bank is running on empty. We can’t keep propping things up with charity all the time. We can’t keep asking people for money.  But we do. We actually dig deep. Charities rely on donations, we rely on money but everyone is running out of it.  The charities are brilliant at looking into the future, research, prevention.

I hear myself ranting, I feel like an anarchist, a fitness anarchist tonight, as I sit here reading a document about de-investing. I feel sad for the visionaries, the believers that we can make a difference. I feel so sad for the patients who are deeply entrenched in our communities and need our support.  I feel empathy for the commissioners, as I would not want to be in their shoes (mind you they get their mortgage paid and a wage so I could forgo all morals and integrity and sell my soul to the devil to take their jobs).

I just feel sickened. This isn’t just me but hundreds of small health providers, country-wide. That means we all are contracted for less than a million. They have businesses and mouths to feed. So many of us are told (I am not kidding) that our work, albeit amazing yet risky, as prevention is not quantifiable. And we are told this time and time again.

165% increase of diabetes heading our way

60% increase of cancers are heading our way

152,000 strokes a year –that’s 1 in every 3 minutes

300 million scripts used for coronary vascular disease

61% of all heart disease ARE lifestyle factors

19 Billion is spent on coronary vascular disease



You know this yet you cut preventative programs. You are mad. You are damaging the health of our nation and not giving people a chance to turn it around.

You will ask me how to change it? I simply give in. We have to take prevention seriously. It is not voodoo. It is not something unimportant run by the tiny uneducated gym bunny fitness instructor. Why can’t the NHS really see the potential in the HUGE FAMILY OF FITNESS PROFESSIONALS who are highly trained in PREVENTION?

Give these businesses a chance, don’t cut them off at the ankles because you are scared to take a risk. You know the stats. Have some balls and help people make a difference.

I may regret this tomorrow, but I probably wont. I fight for Joan and Ron because I see them all the time. I see their faces and listen when they regale tales of when they nearly, BUT didn’t fall. I see the change, the new independence, the happier family. I see their expressions and know that I made a difference today. I fight for the small independent fitness business who are making massive differences in their communities. We also save lives but with a WonderDrug. 

Be brave, I have always believed in you. I want you to say, "lets do this". Lets stop the statistics rising. Don’t die yet NHS. I want you to realise there is time to turn the ship around and make it viable. You can do this and we (small health providers and fitness professionals) can do this. It will take longer than five years to prove to you we did it but we all know that PREVENTION makes sense.