Once again I am heartbroken. Not because of a client this time but for all of my clients, for all of those unfortunate people and their families who have to live with the complexities of a long term neurological condition. The NHS are once again, massively overspent and it it those small contracts, the smaller businesses, that are hit first. But think for a moment. How much will they be "saving" ? By cutting these courses that help to mobilise, strengthen, increase flexibility and maintain independence, never mind how we instil confidence , improve body image, self worth and wellbeing in a holistic way and in a non judgemental environment. What price can be put upon the smile of a client who has walked without his frame for the first time in years, the lady who no longer has to ask her husband to put her pants on, the lonely, depressed client with long term requirements who comes to class and laughs with us, the chatter at the back of class between two or three people who wouldn't usually speak, but have built up a rapport because of the similarilties in the struggles that they face?

It is difficult to evidence how deteriorations are prevented, how we have stopped somebody from falling, those subtle changes in finger and hand strength, that allow our clients to get dressed, to dry themselves after their shower, that allows them to scratch an itch that is driving them mad. We see those improvements and we document them but this is not enough, and for that, I am sad.

I am so sad that these people will be left to their own devices if these services are not funded. The most vulnerable people in our communities, who are a dream to work with, because they work so hard and are so grateful, will not be supported to make improvements that will in turn, save the NHS a massive amount of money. Short-sighted ? Definitely ! Your Five year plan NHS? What about our clients Five year plan? Where will they be in Five years without our help? They deserve so much more !