In safe hands ?

We are sitting in a café trying to squeeze in lunch. It’s been a busy day with meetings, training sessions and we still have classes in the evening. Multi-tasking at its best, answering e mails, making telephone calls, answering Whatsapp messages and planning for the next few days, weeks, months !

Phew, it feels rude to be on our ‘phones but we don’t want to miss important calls or messages.

Then we spot her! One of our most endearing clients who has dementia. As a nurse, I am not supposed to get attached to my patients but I can’t help it. They trust us and remember us! Their stories and experiences have an impact on us and we would have to be robots to allow ourselves not to be affected by them.

Her face when we she sees us just lights up and she waves back at us! She probably doesn’t realise where she knows us from, but relies upon her instincts that she trusts us and knows that we care about her. She wanders around the tables aimlessly and is unsure of where she should sit. I get up and guide her towards an empty table. Nobody else has even noticed her predicament and would they even be bothered to help if they had noticed a frail lady looking a bit lost?

She instinctively gives me a hug and she lets me help her to sit down at the table and we start to chat. Her daughter (who is her carer, is nearly 70 but looks more like 50!) was buying cake and a cup of tea, keeping an eye on her from the counter.

Teaching older clients or those who need help with balance, have long term neurological conditions, dementia and other medical conditions is our forte. We help our clients to become stronger, more flexible and mobile and therefore more able to be independent.

Our team is experienced and qualified to teach, assist and coach people who live with these conditions on a daily basis.  We have a wealth of knowledge and we are linked with many other professionals who we share knowledge with. We understand the complications linked with polypharmacy, the science behind falls prevention, the importance of correct posture and maintaining optimum health through nutrition and exercise.

It is an honour to be able to educate and help our clients to either maintain their conditions or help them to improve, mentally and physically, sometimes changing lives so that they can live more independently for longer. Quality of life is vital in this day and age. There is still so much that our older generation can enjoy and experience. The stories they tell us and the experiences they have encountered are monumental and we are extremely proud to be able to enhance their lives in any way that we can.  

By Pat Taylor

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