RIP Womb - you served me well Chapter 1

At the grand age of 46 and half, I am about to lose my womb. A decision not taken lightly and a #WarCry to all women who are going through/have gone through the loss of their womb. 

There are many reasons a hysterectomy is required. For me, it is due to prolapse. So I am having a vaginal repair and surgery for incontinence AND I am telling you this intimate thing that is happening to my body because I am absolutely not alone.

I have a voice and a platform to share my experience in the event of possibly helping others to come to terms with their own health issues and understand options around taking control back. I am strong and beautiful and I plan to rock my 3rd Age. 

This has held me back for a while, I have suffered symptoms of anxiety, weight gain, night sweats, hot flushes and weight gain (yes I said that twice). 

I am not afraid. I am informed, I am well and I am going into surgery in 2 days with attitude.

So follow me on my journey. Get involved with questions (even the taboo ones) and let us talk about female health. Share that the ageing process can be a shock if we are not informed and filled with fear and myths. 

Exercise science is my work, surgery is my experience, making a difference around being well is my DNA. I am under no illusions to the journey ahead and it is the struggles and wins I want to communicate forward.

I will be bringing in experts to share blogs and videos around health and wellbeing to inform and educate and welcome exchanges with the viewers. Tell your stories.

My womb does not define me. I am feminine. I am female. This is my 3rd Age and this is going to be my time. 

You served me well Womb. You gave me the gift of life and I have two most wonderful daughters. You did a great job of growing them and looking after them.  They are growing up and are incredibly amazing humans on their own journeys now. Your legacy lives on. 

When I wake up, you will be gone, but I will still be me. The same Helen, the same beliefs, values and integrity. I'm not sure if I will miss you but I know I am about to do the right thing.

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