The Productivity Puzzle - The Slight Edge of Thinking

Great thinking on the news today covering a worrying subject that the UK's manufacturing productivity is reducing, including services. The issue is the title and that is the productivity puzzle... Why is this happening?  Harder. Faster. Smarter is what the presenters are saying.

Well you can't pour from an empty cup can you? I may have some of the answers as this isn't new news really... manufacturing and services have been in decline over the past five years as the stable foundations of the country have been shaking and then concerns around BREXIT have made every organisation worth its salt, reevaluate their worth.

As a coach and facilitator, I have observed how businesses are working on their leadership and management teams, have opened up the training manuals, addressing many models of change and setting goals to improve productivity and the bottom line.

Anatomy is my first love. Exercise therapy is the other element of my work and I can promise you that stress in your organisation is having a massive impact on your productivity. 

The Living wage for starters. BREXIT. Inflation. Cut Backs. Skill gaps. Staff sickness.... shall i continue? 

"Minor illnesses (such as coughs and colds) were the most common reason for sickness absence in 2016, accounting for approximately 34.0 million days lost (24.8% of the total days lost to sickness). This was followed by musculoskeletal problems (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) at 30.8 million days (22.4%). After ‘other’ conditions, mental health issues (including stress, depression, anxiety and more serious conditions such as manic depression and schizophrenia) were the next most common reason for sickness absence, resulting in 15.8 million days lost (11.5%)."

We know the reality, so HOW do we start to make improvements to become outstanding in the workforce?

Thinking outside the box. If we know that common illnesses are the leading cause of sickness then are we looking at boosting immune systems? Have you considered nutrition and the impact on health?  Have you considered that menopause may have an impact on senior women who are dealing with the chemical overloads in their bodies, in addition to decision making at senior levels? The question is regarding the shop floor and other aspects of the workforce.

Have you considered the level of stress to teams when a member is off on long term sick? Have you considered the targets and the impact of hitting targets? Health is what we forget about until it is too late. We only have one body and when that is unbalanced then the impact resonates in the whole sphere of life.

Once we have discussed health, stress and the impact on time management, we then start to discuss how to make improvements, change and then we can evolve. We become more resilient to change and culture change, we lean in and we make improvements in all aspects of life. 

We know it works. Teaching resilience and the philosophy around the slight edge starts the snowball rolling. Then we support the teams as they evolve and make a difference in their business practise.  

In a very busy world with daily pressures and stresses at work and home, this course has shown me ways to find that clear space and the tools to find or work towards the solutions. This course has literally opened my eyes, mind and acceptance to work with who I am, to get the best out of who I can be.
— Toni Loos Carers Break

Yes, there is investment. Yes, this does feel strange, but face it, if something is not working, then change it. We simply give you the tools to enhance your communication, be exposed to new leadership thinking and set up and support accountability in the workforce. 

We are Marmite and we are being heard, love it or hate it!




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