Oh My Beating Heart

There are days when I feel great, and days where I feel on it and focused. Today was an “on it” and focused day.  Fresh back from London with Sport England and then a day with Dr Sam Collins and Aspire Trailblazing Women.

I woke up, rested and strong and with the weather being so still and rich in sunshine, I felt exhilarated and sensory enlightened. Today is a great day.

I hadn’t seen some of my clients for weeks due to business commitments and it was an utter pleasure to train and work with my two groups today, the first, Pilates, the second was my Strength and Balance class.

What made this day feel so different is that this is the first time I had been with my community since the catastrophic bombing in Manchester. 

Pilates had the joy of using foam rollers, a little treasure of mine that always brings the dichotomy of pleasure and pain hilarity. Today there seemed to be an overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness. Sometimes, I hold my breath and let the ideas flow. Today my lovely people needed some kindness and to be utterly present.

I am hoping that they left with the same enthusiasm and heartfelt feelings of serenity that I was feeling. A short time in Meditation helped to seal the deal. Their day would be better and better.

My older population are simply fabulous on every level. A collective of elderly people joined by the desire to improve their health and wellbeing. They are MY rogues and slightly wobbly people who I love.

Ray is in tears. He says in the arms of Pat Taylor, “please can we have a minute to reflect on what happened in Manchester, I will lead”. Ray has Parkinson's, not that it matters but sometimes he is quite quiet. Once the group had settled into their regular spots and finally quietened down, Ray began. Choking for words, he finally, through his tears, spoke. We joined him in our own quiet honouring the families impacted and we quietly prayed and reflected.

This is a generation who have seen death and wars, they have lost brothers, parents and grandparents. People who fought for peace and it never happened. Today, there was a different, helpless kind of sad about them. Today, there was no hope.

Pat is now in floods of tears, with the entire room low in energy, it was a challenge to consider how we could possibly exercise…. But we did.  Because there is always hope.

This group, needed some respect and dignity in their grief, this wasn’t a time for silly behaviour but some honest kindness to help build them up.  The only thing I could hear in my head was give them love today. They need love.  So, I press play.

I opted for my iBalance playlist, one we have produced for iCareiMove©. The first song.. Memories! Oh NOOOOO. This quickly became a Tai Chi energy uplifting flow, allowing the group to breathe in calm and reduce their natural stress from the outpouring of emotions. Ok, I have their attention, let’s up the game…Dream a Little Dream of me. Now they are smiling and being sassy, singing along to my atrocious vocals and so it went on…  I couldn’t have played a better/worse playlist if I had made it up.  Stand by Me, I Can’t help Falling in Love and the finisher Abide With Me.

Buckets of Love. Tonnes of love. LOVE

You see, love wins every time, it might be subtle. Anger is never the answer (although it helps sometimes). As helpless as we feel, we must never stop loving. Love makes the world go around and love dilutes the hate. Forgive.

To share a quote from F.Scott FitzGerald “You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known- and even that is an understatement…”

You are all fine, lovely and beautiful…love hard… love wins. Hope is restored. Their love wins and their love is back.

As a collective we won't be broken, we can pray, love and heal and have hope. There is always hope and love. 






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