Care Home Article publication, close to home.

I'm really proud to have been informed that my article detailing some of the work that we do, has been published in The Care Home Environment magazine. It is reassuring to know that professionals in the care sector understand the benefits of exercise and how it can have a positive impact on the the health and wellness of their residents and clients and in turn, the quality of their lives.

This subject is close to home at the moment, as my Father-in-law has recently been admitted to hospital with a variety of medical conditions that have taken away his independence. He is not able to be left unaccompanied, and as an intelligent, previously highly independent man, this is hard to bear. Old school, as stubborn as a mule, very particular and stuck in his ways, my Father-in-law will find it incredibly difficult to have his life changed in the way that it is heading.

His welfare is paramount to all of us and we have to think of his wishes as much as is possible in such a testing situation. We are considering the fact that he will have to sell his home and move in to 24 hour care and this is a concern. 

Physically he is quite fit and able, he can walk around still, but mentally, psychologically he has changed and is reliant on help with his daily activities of living, but he can still move. To be able to move independently, to sit and stand, balance and keep moving, will allow him to retain as much independence as he can, for as long as he can, and this is why we do what we do.

We can make a difference. We do make a difference. We need to make sure that everyone has the same access to exercise programmes, to maintain their dignity in this challenging phase of their lives.


by Pat Taylor


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