It is passion that drives her.  Exercise therapist, Helen Tite is a tutor in the fitness industry and has worked tirelessly to deliver the wellness and mindfulness message.  Fitness Presenter, Helen has mentored businesses, Fitpros and corporations for over 10 years.  The entrepreneur is relentless on message and won't give up on her message to get any body moving.  Helen has specialised as an Exercise Therapists and still continues to follow her love of exercise to music classes. 

It’s all about the Elixir of life. Strength and Balance is what we all need.
— Helen Tite


New - Zumba Gold at Carnon Downs Village Hall Mondays at 2.15 pm


Named after the German physical fitness specialist Joseph Pilates (1880–1967), who devised the system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness.

Classes are held at the below venues please BRING A MAT

Merchants Manor, Falmouth on Tuesday mornings at 9.00 am

Merchants Manor, Falmouth on Tuesday evenings at 6.00 pm

Carnon Downs Village Hall on Friday mornings at 9.00 am

Classes can be paid for on the day or why not purchase a Series Card for the best value.  Small groups and 1-2-1 training is also available, prices available on request.

ACTIVE SENIORS Strength and Balance

Unsteady on your feet?  May have fallen?  We can give you your confidence back.

Balance and strength are integral to quality of life and independence. We know the risks involved when someone falls, especially if they are frail or elderly. This evidenced based programme is delivered to you in your communities with outstanding results. We teach you simple balance techniques to build confidence with a gentle and progressive well-being program to take home with you. 

You meet new friends and learn together the importance of confidence and having good bone health. You meet our lovely nurse and we talk to you about your medication reviews, other programs available to you and many other topical discussions. 

Classes are held at the below venues:

Wesley Buildings Redruth on Mondays at 11am

Carnon Downs Village Hall on Mondays at 1.00 pm

Carnon Downs Village Hall on Fridays at 10.15 am


We deliver The Smile and Reflect© programme to Memory Cafes and Care Homes throughout the County, and with the funded help of CRCC we are able to teach right through 2017.

If you would like us to attend your Memory Cafe session please contact us on the number below for availability.

Contact Pat on 07887 688789 for more information.