Leading the way forward, through 30 years of Nursing experience. Combining two of her passions of health and fitness to promote healthy lifestyles to all clients, regardless of age or ability. Pat has been working with Core Health Consultancy full time since January 2015, although she previously taught group exercise at Helen's gym in Falmouth. She is a Registered Nurse and health and wellbeing remains at the heart of her being.

Pat is passionate about delivering health and fitness experiences to all ages but particularly to our older generation.  Those with neurological and long term conditions or balance problems should have equal access to activities that will enhance their quality of life, for however long that may be.

Pat delivers the balance and Active seniors classes and is not afraid to challenge the clients to move that little bit more. Using her nursing background in Trauma and Orthopaedics along with her health related fitness knowledge, our clients are safe in her care.

Always continuing to expand her knowledge in health and fitness, Pat is undertaking the exercise referral course and is also working in a drug and alcohol detoxification unit in Cornwall.

Pat's work in the NHS as the Ward Sister of the Trauma Unit, where she managed a team of 80 plus, has given her leadership skills that only come with experience and education. She has nurtured students and newly qualified staff and educated and supported more knowledgeable team members to maximise the whole team's potential. Not afraid to initiate pilot schemes to improve the quality of care for her patients, Pat saw vast improvements in many aspects of nursing care and believes that change is necessary to remain relevant and up to date in ever-changing industries.

Problem solving, listening skills, empathy and compassion are some of Pat's attributes, and motivating and helping others to succeed when there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel are others.

Resilience Workshops

Dementia movement workshops

Training locally and abroad

Seated exercise

Mindfulness and relaxation

Walking therapy