Training with Zizzi Operations Manager - Birmingham 2017

Training with Zizzi Operations Manager - Birmingham 2017


We bridge the gap between exercise and your health - your employees wealth - mentally and physically. Giving your company the strength to evolve and grow.

Our slight edge philosophies have proved so effective in building productivity and happiness in businesses globally, we have grown so that our business can focus in this field of work. 

We have learnt to think left field with businesses. To help achieve business goals which invariably are around staff retention and stress management. Wellbeing in the workplace is becoming a focus part of leadership and development and we are working with companies with techniques to improve relationships in the workplace which will help staff feel appreciated, valued and happy. Giving them the elixir of longevity to take your company to new levels.  My wellness techniques have proved successful in Africa and London in large mining, food and beverage corporations as well as small businesses throughout the Care Sector.

Our bespoke programs could just be the start of an evolution and can include:

  • Stress and the impact of stress on your health, your team and your future
  • Understanding and Delivering Workplace Wellbeing
  • Help attract and retain employees by committing to workplace wellbeing
  • Reduce sick days and improve productivity
  • Have a framework to help manage aspects of your duty of care to your employees
  • Understand your own workplace wellbeing as a Director/Senior Manager/ Business owner - often a lonely place
  • Nourishment - what goes in... - Addressing nutrition, chemical and emotional imbalances in the body - the elixir or life
  • Posture - Surviving interviews, wearing your stress, reducing back pain
  • HealthCamps - Bespoke training, wellness, exercise and team togetherness
  • Mindfulness - including I don’t want to be a tree!
  • Movement - our Elixir Fitness Programme covers all abilities, ages - a new approach to exercise

Consider a conversation with my team and allow us to demonstrate my capabilities to maximise the potential within each and everyone of your employees. Making them and in turn your company stronger.

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness:
The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity:
— Oxford Dictionaries

We live in a world of uncertainty. Jobs change, people move departments, jobs, cities and countries. Uncertainty around family happiness, the stress of change and job security can be crushing. People leave businesses as they can not cope with the transformations that take place. 

We help people and businesses process change. Assisting the evolution of change and understanding the huge impact of change within business structures. 

Often resilience is misunderstood for stress management. Resilience can be simply, removing stresses around change and assisting in planning (even re-inventing) the workforce to cope and then fully embrace change. 

This can be seen by challenging management issues through leadership and address the communication within the structure. The Team help businesses look in the proverbial mirror and adapt.

This is #slightedgethinking #slightedge 


In changing times, the bespoke packages are tailored to the needs of the organisations. "Espresso shots" was the name, titled by  the hospitality organisation, where we frequently visited leaderships and HR teams, dropped information around wellbeing, set accountability targets and re-visited over eighteen months.

Other organisations invite us to work in full immersion, releasing senior members for 6 day into our care, where we work around classical training models and of course be fabulous and brilliant teaching "Slight Edge Philosophy". 

In addition, we offer an online platform, webinars and retreats. The point is, in our challenging world, we need to flex to our clients needs and they are grateful for our own resilience and nurture. Transcending into change takes time fro people to evolve.


Here at The Core Health Consultancy we have numerous workshops that we can deliver to your Managers, Staff or visiting delegates.  All of them can be tailored to your exact requirements or if you have a topic in mind, a bespoke course can be designed and delivered.  Please contact Helen to discuss the different options for daily, weekly or indeed residential courses that we have on offer.


Free Bird Associates and the team at CHC are excited to announce a new dynamic training platform to enhance all your staff's personal development around resilience and well being.


The team at Free Bird; consisting of Corinne Leverton and Anna Elwood, have over twenty years experience of working in a wide range of organisations in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors and much of their work is focused on supporting health and social care providers to improve their practice through meaningful, interactive learning.

They specialise in Learning and Development solutions with a focus on the transfer of learning into practice.  In addition, they both have a keen interest in supporting organisational development, having a firm belief that a positive organisational culture leads to a positive experience for customers and clients.  We are both Coaches and Mentors, qualified at postgraduate level, and our approach to learning aims to foster confidence and resilience in the individuals and groups we work with.


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With the significant increase in the ageing population, the consultancy have designed, developed programmes in the care sector around movement and wellness. For more information go to our iCareiMove© platform