Thinking Differently About Health

Thinking Differently About Health


Request for Tender – icareimove Portal System

About Core Health Consultancy (CHC)

Founded by award winning fitness professional Helen Tite in 2004.  The Core Health Consultancy is one of the most respected pioneering fitness and well-being companies in the UK.  With this there are four core pillars to Core Health Consultancy, Health – Activity – Care - Training.

Health – We think differently about your health – Youth, Workplace and later life.  We believe in innovation and we understand the evidence and make improvements, changing lives and enhancing wellbeing.

Activity – Here at The Core we believe that anyone can move.  A helping hand to get you started and assisting with your personal goals.  This is exercise science tailored to you and your health.

Care – With the significant increase in the ageing population, the consultancy have designed and developed a ground-breaking online health and well-being portal subscription service that supports the care and health sectors by improving the strength, balance and stability of the cared for while simultaneously upskilling the workforce to deliver mutually beneficial dual impacts.

Training – We have numerous workshops that we can deliver to your Managers, staff or visiting delegates.  All of them can be tailored to your exact requirements or if you have a topic in mind, a bespoke course can be designed and delivered.

The Requirement

Core Health Consultancy is seeking a formal costed quote, along with a proposed delivery plan, of the types of services that you might be able to supply matching the brief detailed below for a new icareimove portal solution that provides Core Health Consultancy with a quality system that will support its existing and future growth plans and product development.


This specification covers 5 core components which should be costed as individuals areas:

1.     Website

2.     Trainer’s platform

3.     Content platform

4.     Ecommerce platform

5.     Content management & administration


The key roles of users of this service are;

·       Visitor – can sign up, submit a contact form and make a purchase from the shop

·       Individual subscriber – can log in and access instructional videos

·       Trainer subscriber manager – can log in and manage their businesses trainers

·       Trainer subscriber – can log in and access training plans, design a plan, log sessions

·       Administrator – can log in and manage all site content, view and process shop orders, view subscribers and payment statuses etc.


The initial landing pages and information. Sample content and service overviews.

Subscription sign up forms and lead generation forms for lead nurturing.


·       Subscription signup

·       Lead generation (via contact form/call)

·       Newsletter signup


·       Responsive mobile layouts

·       Modal content for forms and CTAs

·       Subscription sign ups with integrated payments

·       Sample content

·       Mailing list sign up

·       Testimonials and case studies

·       News area

·       Google Analytics integration with goal tracking

 Trainer’s Platform


·       Training module completion

·       View content

·       Design a training plan

·       Log a training session

·       Buy associated equipment


·       Front-end administration area for businesses and trainers

·       2 user classes – Manager & Trainer

·       Email notifications for sign ups, expiry etc

Managers can:

·       See subscription status and payments and upgrade to higher tier

·       Add/remove trainers

·       View completed training modules of individual trainers

·       View training plans and logs of individual trainers

Trainers can:

 ·       Complete training modules

·       Access all content

·       Access predefined training plans

·       Design a custom training plan

·       Create and update a training log for a client

Content Platform


·       View content

·       View suggested content

·       Buy associated equipment


·       Intuitive UX/UI for browsing and viewing video content

·       Video content delivered via appropriate Content Delivery Network (CDN)

·       Content sorted by categories/tags

·       Recommend next content based on similar tags

Ecommerce Platform


·       Checkout completion


·       Cart discounts for subscribers/trainers

·       Variable products

·       Single page checkout

·       Multiple shipping options (UK and Europe initially)

·       Guest checkout

·       User account linked to subscriber/trainer account

·       Allow users to sign up at checkout success if using guest

·       Users can see order history and status

·       Integrated payment gateway (tbc Stripe?)

·       Google Product Feed

·       Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Google Analytic

Content Management & Administration


·       Manage all core website content – images, text etc

·       Manage navigation menus

·       Add/remove pages

·       Add/remove users of all classes

·       View subscription statuses

·       Manage subscriptions – extend, cancel, upgrade

·       Manage shop area – products, orders etc

·       Manage on-site SEO content per page

·       Create training plans

·       Manage video content

·       Create/edit training modules

·       Create/edit training exams



·       Individuals can sign up for a flat rate recurring payment and gain access to all video content

·       Businesses subscriptions based on number of beds/patients/clients/trainers (tbc)

·       Subscriptions for businesses to be either bespoke or tiered

·       Recurring payments taken from credit/debit card

·       Integrated gateway (likely to be Stripe but TBC)

·       Subscription owners can manage their subscription

Training module

 ·       Available to Trainers

·       A module will consist of multimedia content – video, text and images

·       After the content is complete there will an exam

·       Exam will have a pass rate

·       If failed – can be retaken immediately

·       If passes – training module is saved to the trainers profile

Training plans

·       Pre-defined sets of video content for specific contexts i.e. Improve co-ordination, Core strength

·       Training plans are available to business subscribers only

·       Training plans are designed to cover a set number of days/weeks

·       Plans can be easily logged into training logs

Design a plan

·       Trainers can design a custom plan by linking a set of videos to a set of days

·       Plans can be saved with a custom name

·       Plans can be shared within the business subscription 

Log a session

·       Trainers can set up an individual client or group with a training log

·       Log contains a record of videos/training delivered over time

·       Log also has a notes section


·       Each user class will have a specific dashboard

·       Individual subscriber – can see their subscription status, recent videos, new videos and recommendations

·       Trainer manager – can see their subscription status, current trainers, new videos/training modules

·       Trainers – can see their completed training, new plans, shared plans, list of training logs


Project Outline

Confirmation of specification

Working from this initial document, a final specification and methodology will need to be developed for the platform of choice please highlight this within your costs for the Content Management and Administration section.

Wireframing and prototyping

Working from an agreed sitemap and specification, a detailed set of wireframes and layouts will need to be developed.

The user interface and user experience will be defined during this stage.

Prototypes of the core features and user experiences will be developed to allow testing of usability.


Working from the wireframes and prototypes, a full set of page template designs will be created following the existing brand guidelines.


Developers will work from the specification, wireframes and designs to build the project.

Testing and deployment

A QA specification will be drawn up to test all core features and functionality. Testing and QA reports to be delivered by the development agency to ensure a successful launch.

Deliverer Profile The supplier will need to demonstrate:

·       Ability to demonstrate creativity and provide costed suggestions for the system and if necessary alternative solutions that still meet requirements

·       A task and finish approach to project management

·       Ability to keep accurate records and keep us informed at regular intervals of costs and to keep within budget

The successful organisation will be awarded a Contract, which is expected to commence in January 2018 and is subject to a successful funding application.

This would be subject to performance reviews and applicable procurement rules.

The indicative value of this tender is £20,000.00 (exclusive of VAT)

Intellectual Property
All Intellectual Property created by the successful Supplier in the course of performing the Services or exclusively for the purpose of performing the Services shall ultimately rest with Core Health Consultancy 

Quote Process
Interested organisations are required to submit a response against the question set below: 

Company Name:

Q1. Please detail your organisation’s skills and experience in delivering the type of activity detailed in the request for quotation.  Please include examples where similar developments have been delivered successfully previously.

Q2. For the Web Site requirement please provide a site map of how you would expect the site to be constructed

Q3. Please provide an outline plan for undertaking this work including expected time to start and finish including user testing time.

Q4. Please provide a brief description of how any development or delivery process works and how any communications would work with Core Health Consultancy operational staff i.e. face to face phone e-mail web ex or conferencing tools such as Facetime\Skype.

Q5. How will you evidence value for money and how will you charge for your services?  Please provide costings in the 5 sections highlighted and explain if your rates are hourly or costed based on an estimate following an agreed specification of work required.  Please identify any costs as capital or revenue items.

Q6. Please also itemise any ongoing costs such as hosting, security, support and maintenance that we should be aware of.


Please return your completed quotation to Helen Tite, by 1700 on 16th November 2017.  Please put in the email subject line “ICIM Portal”.

Please direct any questions you have about this quote or the process to the same email address using the email subject line “ICIM Portal”.  The last time and date for clarification questions by 1700 on 9th November 2017.

Contract Award
Following the review of systems organisations may be asked to demonstrate an understanding of the systems with a potential demonstration of the proposed solution before a decision is made.

Please note that Core Health Consultancy is submitting a funding application of which if successful the project is part funded by ERDF.

Core Health Consultancy reserves the right to withdraw from the procurement at any point in time during the procurement process.

Core Health Consultancy is committed to creating an environment where there is mutual respect, honesty and equality of opportunity for all. We expect suppliers to share and demonstrate this commitment in their policies and practices.