Fun first, no longer death by Powerpoint. 

We use our own philosophy "The Slight Edge©" in our teaching styles.

Offering learning development and non-accredited courses, designed to boost confidence, enhance skills and apply methods into working and lifestyle practice. 



In changing times, the bespoke packages are tailored to the needs of the organisations. "Espresso shots" was the name, titled by  the hospitality organisation, where we frequently visited leaderships and HR teams, dropped information around wellbeing, set accountability targets and re-visited over eighteen months.

Other organisations invite us to work in full immersion, releasing senior members for 6 day into our care, where we work around classical training models and of course be fabulous and brilliant teaching "Slight Edge Philosophy". 

In addition, we offer an online platform, webinars and retreats. The point is, in our challenging world, we need to flex to our clients needs and they are grateful for our own resilience and nurture. Transcending into change takes time fro people to evolve.


Smile and Reflect© Dementia Movement Workshop

Enhance your knowledge around Dementia. 

You will be taught the series and sequence of movements to enhance quality of life for those impacted with Dementia and similar cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer's, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia and CJD.

You will be assessed in a micro teach environment and given a comprehensive program allowing you to begin work in the field immediately.

You will work through a worksheet around the subject and we will support you with research and additional learning.

You will have an opportunity to join a network of professionals and upskill in the field of health including business branding, tender writing and support.


Resilience Mastery and Magic©

Not rocket science. A little sprinkle of the obvious with the models and tales to help those managing change. Theories explained and thrown in a hat, tapped by a wand and tah-dah, leading to increased productivity, focused workforce with a sense of belonging and less stress. 

Within the training, the framework can be adapted to suit the learners and their organisations. "The Slight Edge Philosophy©" and application is moulded to form around each sector, including Health and Social Care, Fitness and Wellness, Armed Forces, Retail and Hospitality/Restaurant Sectors. 

I am a Tree.jpg

Mindfulness - Not everyone wants to be a tree

We look at the brain, the body and life as we know it Jim. Life in the 21st Century is chaotic and stressful. So may of us want to reduce our stress and often the methods don't quite work with personas. Let us show you different strategies to manage your time and your stress. 

We go to the basic pathology and understand why our hormones are playing havoc with our bodies and minds. Together we understand modern methods to mindfulness and how to apply these methods in the workplace and in the balance of our chaotic lives. 

You leave us with with your StressLess toolbox filled with strategies to improve health, reduce stress and enhance your focus.