What can CHC do for you?

We believe that reach deeper into the heart of communities and have become leaders in activity, movement and wellness because of our slight edge philosophies. We change mindsets and think differently around typical coaching businesses, breaking boundaries, making you stronger and working with leaders, staff and clients of business in hospitality, restaurant and most noticeably the care sector. We love exercise and movement and that is the foundation we have built from to change lives and improve your vitality. We have grown in technical prowess as well as diversity, as the wellbeing market has changed and the nature of our customers has changed.

With a “can do” approach and “out of the box” style, you will never have a dull moment with Helen Tite and her team.

We see peoples' lives change using our methods and we love that. We have years of expert knowledge but we also have magic. With over 15 years experience working with frail, elderly and long term conditions. We are award-winning Innovators.

As quoted “Too in it to be on it” we recognise that culture change has put an enormous impact on businesses. Our role is multi-hatted and we call it “The Slight Edge Philosophy”.  We assist companies to chip around the edges, making slight change which transcends into a Resilient Business, increasing performance and the bottom line, improvement of staff retention and customer quality of life.