A Positive Physical Eating Lifestyle A.P.P.E.L. Bringing all the things we love under one roof. Body positivity, accountability, support for when our emotions control our habits and good old fashioned knowledge and friendship. A little older, a little wiser and lessons of looking after yourself and what we want to see more of.

APPEL was formed as DIETs and coaching were never enough.



Love food, hate diets. Let us guide you through the noise to optimising good health. From short and punchy fat loss to longer lifestyle changes. Be in control, set targets, let us support you and help you be accountable. 




Rest and sleep are two different elements. Understanding how to maximise quality sleep is integral to good wellbeing housekeeping. Set rules to help manage mental and physical fatigue. See the benefits of feeling better through good sleep patterns. 



Every BODY matters. We all have different desires that encourage us to be more active. Celebrate your body with variety of exercise programs. On-line Elixir Fitness covers many aspects of training. Build your confidence and chip away at improving health.



Everyone has hormones and they play a significant part of daily living. We look at signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances and fluctuations. Learn how by balancing your hormones you can achieve a healthy mind and body. Consider how hormones can help to increase your metabolism.



Once you know how to relax well, we can help you become more resilient to making changes. Relaxation crosses over all elements of life. Learn techniques to improve sleep, reduce stress, improve absorption of nutrients, enhance menatl clarity.


Back pain and posture

We consider the different postures as a result of your daily activities or repetitive work habits, which in turn can cause poor posture, discomfort and anatomical changes in your body.  Improve awareness and share a variety of exercises which can help to decrease muscle tension and improve posture.