Where do you start with a start-up?

Top tips for starting your start-up business in fitness or in any wellness field.

  • Have a critical friend

If I could have a pound for every person who have said my ideas are great and that I should do it... well I would be retired on a tropical island by now. A critical friend is someone who sanity checks your madness and ensures you are thinking clearly.  There are risk takers in this world and then there the rest of them. If you are in this industry then you need some business sense in your toolbox. 


Helen Tite being filmed for an interview
  • Know your market

For all the best will in the world, do your research. You may think you know all the answers, if you think its a good idea, then probably others do too. Are you first to market or are you a small fish in a massive pond? Stand out for the crowd.

  • Understand your social media and how it can expose you to your customers

It is a fast and visual world. If you new to campaigning on social media, find a friend or a free course to get yourself on and get going. Build a strategy to how you will use social platforms and avoid the pitfall of being sucked in.

  • Land Grab your Platforms

Get yourself a good brand name and then quietly grab it off the top social platforms, facebook, instagram, twitter, website and email.  Keep it simple.

  • Get Yourself a Mentor

Ughhhh Helllooooo! I can do that. I am a good listener and will guide you through your vision, helping you shape your startup and get you going.  If not me, then find someone that can help influence your launch and give you tips on your journey. 

  • Be Reasonable

We all want to train the next Mrs Universe and then write a book about it. Be real. Be honest with your capability and develop your craft. Time and experience makes you an expert. Expertise leads to influence and experience. 

  • Stay Focused

We are all distracted by the shiny, sparkly things. Keep your eyes on the prize.

  • Never stop learning

There is always room for more knowledge, especially running a business. 

  • Enjoy the Journey

Whats the rush? You will meet amazing people along the way. You will also lose as few too. It is natural when your priorities shift. So enjoy the ride. It is awesome and enjoy every stage. 


The Wellness Anarchist x