Elixir Fitness©

The Elixir Fitness Method© brings knowledge and education to your biological age. In the prime of your functional life, we take you with zest and vitality on a journey of strength and balance. 

A series of classes and workshops to understand your health, your challenges and teach you that your bones matter. Strength and balance is your purpose and passion. Turn on your physical movement and absorb the elixir of life, defying age and growing even more vibrant.

The Elixir Fitness Method©

Tried, trusted and tested, the key components are strength, balance, flexibility and endurance but not forgetting the magic that is our minds. 

Mental health is key to the longest life and impacts the physical side. Stress and it's companions are addressed and re-purposed. Education is key. Chipping around the edges using "The Slight Edge Philosopy" will enable and empower you to take on a new lease of life with Va-va-voom.


One Size does Not fit all

We understand how unique you are. All our work is wrapped around you and your needs. We know that at the heart of living is thriving and having a purpose. Being full of vitality and being heard. The programs tweak, change, ebb and flow but always, your strength and balance matters. 

Age matters strength matters 

Whether you are 55 or 95, we have tailored programs for you. The Elixir Fitness Method has a tailored series of classes according to strength and vitality NOT age specific. All focused in graduated stages around keeping you strong and energetic, keeping you steady and keeping you seasoned and spicy.

It’s all about the elixir of life. Strength and balance is what we all need
— Helen Tite