Don’t box me in, I have curves. I don’t fit in convention so don’t judge me. I stand for all women who buck convention. Beauty lies within. I fly my freak flag with pride
— Helen Tite

In January 2017 Helen became a Global Ambassador for The Body Image Movement and now has become part of the amazing team of people headed by founder Taryn Brumfitt.  The Body Image Movement is working to put an end to body loathing and spread the message of body loving, a message Helen has been teaching all her clients since day one.  

We are feeling worn down and judged by the fitness, fashion and beauty. The perfection we seek makes us feel less of a woman. Normalise the industry I love and allow all women of all ages and shapes to feel fabulous in the skin they are in. 

We are campaigning with influencers to push back and stop accepting that we have to be a certain flawless outside to be happy. We are encouraging all women to fly their own freak flags that makes us individual and fantastic. 

Stop worrying about scars, hairs, stretch marks, curves, no-curves. Us women need to be celebrating what we stand for and where our hearts are. Any shape. Any size. We are about body positivity and rocking our style. The harsh reality is that we don't fit in. We are breaking the mould. 

SO, what do we do? We address the life span and help women at all ages of their journey. your health is important to us, that includes mental health. Yes we discuss diet but that is to work with your hormones to feel well not always thin. We encourage balance in life and confidence building. We share stories of great women doing amazing things. We help with menopause, coping as a mother, not being a mother, relationships, and the joys of life. We address taboo subjects and stop feeling embarrassed by the way we look. We stake our claim, own our bodies and fly our flags of our own beauty. 

Understanding your body, your natural hormonal shift and giving you confidence to celebrate this great time in a woman's life. 

As we age, the transition with the right knowledge of exercise to nourish the body and mindfulness to sooth the soul should allow this time to feel fantastic. 


Nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for both health and growth - it should be a way of life, a lifestyle that is very simple to adopt, has numerous benefits, and that gets consistent, sustainable results. Good nutrition is not about being on or off a diet – the primary goal is to educate & empower our clients with all the latest updates and research about fat loss, nutrition and exercise so that they can achieve optimum well-being through improving nutrition, health and fitness.

We aim to help you to eliminate all those nasties that your body has been consuming for a long time, which can be quite challenging, and this can initially affect your energy levels, your mood and just how you feel in general. BUT .... once your body adjusts which can take varying times for different people you WILL start to reap the benefits of which there are many:

·       Reduction in pounds, inches & body fat & improved body composition
·       Improved sleep patterns & more consistent energy levels
·       An increased feeling of well-being & increased mental alertness
·       Clearer skin, balanced hormones & an improved immune system
·       Greater vitality & zest for life, positive mind-set
Our approach and ethos will always continue to make sure that we keep ourselves and you up-to-date with the latest scientific developments in the world of weight, fat and inch loss and, most importantly, keeping it off and having a healthy lifestyle.