Being in the moment

I'm a firm believer in; Work Hard, Play Hard and Give Something Back! (everyday)


Be Active

Take notice

Keep learning

Give - small acts of kindness


We use Mindfulness as a form of stress prevention, it is an approach to help you manage feelings and emotions.  It is outlined by NICE and is widely used for those who struggle with Depression and Mental health.  The practise creates a greater insight to our emotions and then in turn how we communicate with others.  For many, this can be life changing.

Core Health Consultancy have been practising Mindfulness for many years and this can be seen across the scope of programs we deliver globally. There is growing evidence of the positive impact of Mindfulness in the workplace and the results impact stress reduction and improve productivity. 


Take in your environment

Meditation - Being in the moment

Meditation - Being in the moment

The growing popularity for the need to reduce stress is flowing into schools, businesses, criminal justice, pregnancy and long term health. You neither require faith or spirituality to experience and become Mindful.

Mindfulness for Cancer Rehab