Tamsyn Hawkins - Zizzi Restaurants (Azzurri Group)

Head of People  - London

Tamsyn Hawkins

I first started working with Helen and her team several years ago, initially asking her to teach wellbeing and stress reduction strategies to our field based operations team to help them become more effective and productive leaders during a 7 month long leadership development program at Zizzi. Helen has worked with me on multiple occasions since and has taught various session for me with different teams, primarily helping them understand the clear and vital connection between health, productivity and business performance. Helen is a joy to have work with us, and every session we have ever had Helen teach has resulted in not just excellent feedback from those who attend, but has also enabled our teams to make impactful and positive changes to their own health habits which has supported them better both in work and in life in many cases. Helen is an expert in her field, very passionate, knowledgeable and inspiring in her approach and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other business to bring in and support their wellbeing programs or leadership development programs for their teams.  She has added real value to those who have had the opportunity to be taught by her and I will continue to seek opportunities to work with her in the future.

Suzanne Richardson - FitPro & Course Attendee

"Thank you so much for today, been along time since I have been on a course that held my attention for the whole time! Learnt so much, just what I needed, it was the opening guidance I was looking for. Feeling positive, I have just researched the courses I'm booking, working through the websites and ready for Monday to pay my visits. Thank you again, would highly recommend course it was brill x”

Tina El Bikam - FitPro & Course Attendee

"Can honestly say this was the BEST investment in my career. I don't even know if Helen Tite realises that she is about to change things on a national scale, awesome vision, awesome lady and awesome endless possibilities that finally make me realise every step I have taken on this journey has got me to where I am meant to be. Proud to be a fit pro xxxx"

Linda Evans - Client

My primary reason for exercise is to prolong my physical well-being, gain strength and be healthy. For me it is about my own self-obsessed, persona.  Exercise is “me time” taken out of a busy daily routine. I expect a high service level – recognition when I arrive, efficient and professional classes that are also enjoyable and make me feel good and a good space in which to exercise.

Through the wide-ranging classes offered at The Core I have improved my strength and stamina, posture and overall fitness level. Ultimately feeling good physically makes you feel better mentally.

I’m highly competitive so exercising with people of varying ages, automatically makes me compete with the youngest and fittest in the class, but I am mainly in my own bubble, as long as I am getting what I want out of the class I am attending that’s what’s important.

I’ve been to classes with Helen and the Core Team since day 1 and have never been disappointed. I’ve been challenged and praised, I’ve sworn and smiled and I’ve always left on a high.  Exercise has become part of my lifestyle and routine. The Core provides my personal needs and at the end of the day, that’s all I can ask for.

Simon Carr - Personal Training Client

Some 5 years ago after a near fatal accident, I had my right leg removed above my knee. This year I decided after 5 years in a wheelchair I needed to start getting fit and exercising, the Core in Falmouth, and in particular Helen came highly recommended to me. I am not an easy client, my needs are different to most, and I need encouragement. Helen and her team have been instrumental in the changes I have made to my life, she has worked hard on training plans, changes to my diet, and in accommodating me at the Core. I can't really put into words how much it all means to me, I've never felt like just another customer, and I've been treated more like family, the service, staff, and general atmosphere is unlike any other gym I've ever been to, in that you feel at home. I would urge anyone who is unsure about joining a gym, but who wants to, to talk to Helen first!!

Marina Mitchell - Class Attendee

I joined The Core in August 2014 after recovering from a bad accident which hospitalised me for 6 weeks in December 2013.  Upon discharge there was no weight bearing until April 2014.  Then a physiotherapistcame to the house for 6 weeks for exercises and getting me back to driving.  She was wonderful and near the end of her time with me suggested I join The Core.

May I add it has been the best thing I ever did!

I went along with fear trepidation but as soon as I entered the church hall and met Josie I relaxed, she was so lovely and welcoming.  Then we moved to The Core itself which is great and we had sessions with Helen, Pat, Becky, Josie and sometimes James.  I attended the Balance class at first, and now do Fitness for Life and Zumba Gold.  The Core is a wonderful place, the minute you enter the door you are greeted with smiling faces from the friendly staff on reception and in the coffee bar, and of course Helen and her colleagues.

Helen gives great encouragement and we all try and do our best which can be challenging at times, but we all feel better mentally and physically for it.  Thank you to Helen and the friendly folk at The Core - Best wishes